The United Arab Emirates: A Few Key Don’ts

Are you planning to travel to the United Arab Emirates? UEA is one of the fastest growing holiday destinations in the world, since the country offers unforgettable holidays, world class shopping, sports, sand, sea, fantastic foods, intriguing culture, five star hotels, and friendly people that welcomes tourist with a smile. Whether traveling alone or with others, the UAE should definitely be at the top of your list.

United Arab Emirates is a beautiful country geographically with an extensive coastline, varied landscape, and sandy beaches that could give you a pleasant scuba diving experience. They are many things you can do when you visit UEA, but it is important that you are aware also of the things you should not do. Keep in mind that this is a Muslim country with some strict cultural norms compared to some western countries, so it is important that tourists respect some of the traditions or proper etiquette in eating, dressing and more for a hassle free vacation.

Clothing plays a large part into the dominant cultural norms of the UAE, and it’s advisable for visitors to respect those norms to the best of their ability. In fact, even if you are a tourist it is necessary that you observed proper dress code especially when in public areas like shopping malls. The proper clothing for women should cover at least the legs, arms and the underwear must not show or be visible, while traditional swimming attire should be worn at swimming pools or beaches and no other areas. Women are not obligated to wear customary Muslim dress or cover their heads with abaya unless going to the mosque as a sign of respect.

In terms of resorts, Bluegreen Traveler Plus and other companies offer great accommodation options to travelers and tourists new to the UAE and unfamiliar with its culture. With friendly English-speaking staff and services designed for western travelers, such resorts make a stay more comfortable and give a greater appreciation of the country while not having to worry about causing offense.

When it comes to buying or paying for service, the local money in UAE is Dirham, and you can exchange your money to their local currency at hotels and banks that open Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 1pm or at some local licensed moneychangers throughout the city. However, you must avoid exchanging money in the streets, and unlicensed moneychangers to avoid scammers. Also, most retail stores, car rentals companies, hotels and establishments accept international credit cards, so if you have one then this is the safest way to pay for your purchases. If you do not have a credit card or need more details, just click here for more information on credit cards in the UAE.

United Arab Emirates maybe typecast as a strict country because of its people’s beliefs and deep-rooted traditions that even tourists should observe, but they do welcome tourists, and their many tourist spots are evidence that you can have a grand vacation without worry. UAE is a popular travel destination because it has a lot of things to offer vacationers and travelers. Not only does it boast a mall the size of a small city with 1200 stores, huge aquarium, Olympic size ice rink, 160 food outlets and indoor theme parks, it more importantly claims to be home to some of the world’s most amazing cultural landmarks. Aside from the malls, you can have a lovely experience when you visit Burj Khalifa, the world tallest building in the world and other fascinating places. Visiting the UAE requires following a few simple guidelines, but like a trip to any city, learning about and respecting the local culture usually makes a trip more meaningful in the end.

Photo Credit: jemasmith