See the World One Flight at a Time

Travelling has become so much cheaper than it used to be, with the massive growth in the budget airline industry. Now you can fly all over Europe at really great prices you don’t have to take travel as seriously as you used to.

Cheap flights have made it possible to almost pick a destination blindfold and just book a flight and go and see what it’s like. If it turns out to be not quite what you expected, what have you really lost save for the cost of the flight and hotel and a weekend of your time?

More often than not a random destination will end up surprising and delighting you with its novelty and the sense of exploring somewhere hitherto unknown.

The countries in Eastern Europe are a great example. Just a couple of decades ago, people wouldn’t have ever considered travelling to places like Croatia, Romania and Poland, firstly because they were unknown territory, and secondly because it was too expensive to get there. Now, however, with cheap flights from all over Europe, countries like these are drawing more and more tourists every year.

As well as having cities teeming with culture and history, Eastern Europe has many appealing resorts to holiday at – summer and winter.

Examples include Bjelolasica ski resort in Croatia. This is the home to the Croatian Olympic Center, where skiing champ Janica Kostlic learnt to ski.  And in the summer, there’s the whole of the Adriatic coastline to explore and soak up the sun.

Poland has its cultural centres of Warsaw and Krakow to explore, but there is also a great deal of countryside to see in this beautiful country. There are several national parks and areas like the Mazury lakes and Tatra mountains – perfect for getting out amongst nature.

Romania also has a bit of everything to offer the traveller. From Baltic sea coastal resorts to lush green countryside dotted with castles and forts there is plenty to explore here. And of course you might want to join one of the many Dracula tours that include such sights as Dracula’s birth town Sighisoara and Castle Bran.

Wherever you travel round Europe, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see something new, even if you’re returning to a favourite destination. Make the most of cheap travelling while it lasts and get out and see the world!