Three Must-See Stops in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most visited destinations in the world by tourists from all over the world. There are many flights that offer cheap rates and great offers for clients taking the route for reveling. The best of the tastes can be savored right from the flight you take. Why spend more? Take advantage of the cheapest flights in Thailand and visit the most interesting capitals in the world. You will definitely have more to spend if you eat yourself to cheap flights and avoid the hustle of spending more.

These flights are available on online resources and are also available at your local airport. It is wise to book early so as not to miss the great offers. When thinking about going to Bangkok, the cheapest airfare tickets will probably be found during the summer off season. Thailand is the place to visit this year for all your needs. These flights cover family and individuals that want to tour this destination. There are great places to visit in Thailand. These are both architectural and cultural. It is known as a hub of culture as the many oriental races reside in the region ranging from the Malayans, the Indians to the Chinese. This makes the food an adventure in itself.

Must-See Stops in Bangkok: Wat Arun

This temple is one of about 32,500 temples spread across Thailand. The temple is also known as the temple of dawn, named after the Indian dawn god. This temple is known for its tall steeple that glitters and stretches meters above the ground. It is also referred to as the highest point at Mt. Meru which is a focal point of Indian cosmology. The steeple is supposedly the centre of the universe according to adepts and believers representing oneness of all. This is a wonderful site to behold in Thailand. This is easily accessible by taking advantage of the cheapest flights in Thailand. The temple is also home to great Indian cultures and religious practices.

Must-See Stops in Bangkok: The Floating Market

One of the biggest attractions in Thailand is the floating markets. These are literally boats on water selling market products and amazingly enough making great cuisines on them. As unbelievable as it sounds, these markets are a great attraction. The best way to enjoy them is by taking a guided boat tour on any of the famous markets. These will adorn tropical fruits, ready to drink juices, local cuisines and other major delicacies. These markets are Taling Chan market, Bang Ku wiang market, Damnoen Saduak market and Tha Kha markets. The best of Thailand on water will hold a haggle that has no equal as the boats seek to bring in tourist onboard.

Must-See Stops in Bangkok: Wat Pho

This is the biggest temple in Thailand. It is also known as the home of the reclining Buddha. This gold plated statue is about 46 meters long and 15metres high. It is also has an inlay of mother-of-pearl on the eyes and the feet. The temple also has over 1000 Buddha statues that are way more than any other temple in Thailand. This temple is simply breathtaking in the least of terms.

Photo Credit: Mark Fischer