Three Rules For Parking At The Airport

Parking at the Airport

It is the moment I dread. My bags are all packed. My vacation time at work has been approved. I’ve made it to the airport, scarfed down a muffin on the way, and am ready to get this whole thing started. But the terrible moment arrives when it’s time to leave my car at the airport parking lot. I’m awash with emotion – guilt at leaving her behind, anger that it usually costs so much, and concern someone’s going to steal all my crap. If you’re like me, this is no pretty sight. But unless you’re staying away for a truly long time, you may just have to park at the airport. Here are a couple rules you should follow to make leaving your car at the airport a bearable task.

Parking At The Airport – Don’t Leave Valuables

This should go without saying, but just in case it bears repeating – you should never leave your car parked at the airport with valuables inside. Now I like to believe the best in people, and I’ve never met someone flying through Newcastle I didn’t like, (and the chances of you getting robbed are in fact not very high,) but why tempt fate? Take a few minutes in between packing and leaving to give your car a quick scan and transfer any valuables to the house. When parking at Newcastle Airport one time, I never feel too concerned – but I still at the very least make sure I’ve stuck anything hanging out in the car in my trunk. That way, I rest a little easier while on my vacation.

Parking At The Airport – Reserve Parking Before You Leave

This is a trick I didn’t know about for ages, but it turns out it’s a truly invaluable one. Before even heading out for the airport, you can secure a parking space ahead of time at many airports. East Midlands Airport parking, for example, can be arranged online before even stepping out the door. The advantages of doing this are twofold. First of all, you can confirm a space in the lot from the comfort of your home – sitting in front of your computer in your pajamas is a lot more comfortable than circling the parking lot over and over while you’re trying to catch a flight. But more importantly, your best chances of getting a deal or the lowest price possible are met when scheduling parking online ahead of time.

Parking At The Airport – Get A Deal With Friends

There’s a very real chance you aren’t traveling alone. (If you are – you’re a braver lad than me!) Likely you’re either car-pooling to the airport or meeting up there if carpooling isn’t an option. Either way, there are still savings to be had. When parking at Bristol Airport once with a few friends, we were unable to meet up before leaving our homes to carpool and save cash. But by securing parking together online, we all got a lower deal. Sure, it’s always ideal to use one car if you need to park. But sometime’s that’s just not an option. Work together before you head out, and everybody will save in the end.

While nothing may ever assuage my guilt at leaving my beloved car behind at the airport (we’ve been through so many trips together, it always seems unfair to leave her,) I’ll admit my wallet is soothed a bit by saving cash on parking. I also travel easier and more relaxed knowing I’ve minimized the chances of somebody nabbing my belongings. Short of praying, you’ve just got to travel smart, park smart, and have a great trip!

Photo Credit: rogers-photos