Tips for Eating Well but on the Cheap while Travelling

When travelling around the world, it can be pretty easy to spend a not-so-small fortune on food and drink. After all, it’s something you can’t avoid buying, and the prices will soon add up.

However, feeding yourself while away from home doesn’t have to cost you the earth. We’ve come up with some tips to help you eat well whilst you’re travelling, but how to do so without breaking the bank. You can also keep flight prices down with the help of the Bravofly iOS app, too.

Pack well before you go

We’re not going to suggest taking your whole kitchen with you, but it might be a good idea to take a few things with you in the name of supplies. Foods like noodles, cereals and nuts all won’t take up much space in your luggage, will last a long time and won’t require much/any preparation so they can be a great back up.

Navigate your way around different supermarkets

Shopping in the nearest supermarket every time is unlikely to bring you the best deals. It’s a good idea to shop around, literally, to find the best prices and offers. When in doubt as to where to shop, don’t be afraid to ask the local people too.

Know the best times of day to dine out

As a general rule, dining out during the evening will be significantly pricier than doing so for breakfast or lunch. Therefore if you do want to eat out but do so on a budget, it’s recommended that you choose these times instead. Look for early-bird offers, set menu options and things like 2 for 1 deals which can all help you save cash.

Get to grips with the local foods

If you’re a true home bird and like your food creature comforts, this is sure to set you back quite a lot when you’re travelling as British food will be quite pricey in foreign countries. Therefore it’s a good idea to expand your culinary horizons and try out the local foods instead as they’ll be the cheapest options more often than not. If you’re worried about eating safely in a foreign country, there’s a useful guide here.

Explore food and street markets

Food and street markets tend to be a lot cheaper than dining out, so they can be a great way of trying new local food without having to cook. Don’t be afraid to haggle and bargain for the prices too, as in a lot of cultures this is usually expected. However, don’t overdo it!

Make the most of the supplies in your accommodation

If you’re staying in accommodation that has amenities like a microwave or even just a kettle, it’s a good idea to take advantage of them and actually use them. While you may not be feasting like a king or queen every night with them, they can at least ensure you do have something to eat and save some money.