Top 4 Unique January Holidays

Hiking volcanoes in Guatemala

New Year and Christmas will soon be over which means we need to find other reasons to celebrate and off course travel. How about having a unique holiday this January and giving the best possible start to the coming year?

For many of us, the sole purpose of holidaying is to get away from the crowd and to do something unheard of. We have listed a few unique destinations, in no particular order, which are perfect for holidaying during the month of January. Here are some places which go beyond the usual trend and promise you a refreshing break.

1.     Harbin Ice Festival – China:

Experience something exotic this holiday. Book your tickets to China; pack your bags and start right now. The Harbin Ice Festival of China which starts from mid-December to late February makes it a suitable time for holidaying. Explore the incomparable beauty of this Asian country as well as be a part of the exciting annual festival which is unique in itself.

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is one of its kinds, presenting an amazingly unusual way of spending your winters. Watch the spectacular Ice Lantern Show or play the ice slides or drink in the ice bars, there are many interesting ways to celebrate here. From indulging in the delightful cuisine to trying a few sports like dog sledding and ice sailing to admiring the breath taking snow sculptures, Harbin Ice Festival offers you with a wide variety of entertaining options.

Although this festival officially starts on 5th of the January, you can visit it right after the Christmas. As almost 80% of the work is done by this time you will find a few sculptures still working on their masterpieces. Watching them work is also an experience itself.

2.     Patagonia cruise:

Want to take a break from the land travelling? Go cruising this January. A trip to Patagonia will take you into the unseen and unknown. Days amidst the mesmerizing natural settings and the unique wildlife easily makes Patagonia cruise one of the best holidays anyone can ever go to. A paradise for nature lovers, it has almost everything starting from bays, fjords and glaciers to mountains and forests to islands. Cruise by the massive ice or explore the hidden charm of the forests. Encounter the unique creatures like guanacos, rheas, gray foxes, and Magellanic penguins or just relax in the serene environment of this place. Here at Patagonia you can be sure of having the best January of your life.

3.     Papua New Guinea:

The vibrant and ever charming land of Papua New Guinea welcomes you for an enthralling holiday. Think of a destination with an extended stretch of mountains, breath taking coral reefs coastline, refreshing streams of rivers, indigenous traditions and cultures and a wide array of exciting activities. Doesn’t this create picture of a perfect holidaying destination? The unexplored Papua New Guinea, an exotic country in the Oceania offers you this and more.

If in the quest for some adrenalin rush then trekking the adventurous tracks of forests and diving amongst the coral reef are few things which wouldn’t want to miss. A multitude of sports ranging from canoeing, kayaking, surfing and fishing to hiking and rock climbing makes holidaying here even more alluring. Whether it is an activity packed holiday you are seeking or looking for a relaxed environment to rejuvenate Papua New Guinea fits every bill and suits every idea.

4.     Volcano Tour in Guatemala:

And here comes our last selection, which in no way is inferior to the destinations mentioned above.  Guatemala, a spectacular country of the North America, offers breath-taking sceneries which are definitely worth capturing. An exceptional amalgamation of the traditions and the culture of Spain and native Maya people is what you will come across here. This is accompanied by a set of thrilling activities to try out.

If you are an adventure lover and risks thrill you then a Volcano tour in Guatemala is the best thing you can ever gift yourself. Climb a volcano to get an experience of lifetime. And yes let us tell you, some of these are not dormant but active volcanoes! Climbing an active volcano is not only thrilling but also makes for an awesome view.

With 37 volcanoes, Guatemala offers not just one or two but many options for you to choose from. Agua, Fuego, Acatenango, Atitlan, San Pedro are a few volcanoes which are apt for climbing. However, if you are looking for something more vigorous then hiking at Pacaya Volcano, an active volcano which doesn’t fail to captivate its visitors, is the best option. Sparkling red rivers of lava flowing down from it do make for a sight worth more than a million. If you are still looking for a place to visit, check out our best holiday deals.

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