Top 5 Winter Vacations in Europe

Visiting Europe in the winter is a popular choice for many people, especially those looking for that cosy romantic getaway or a more cultured Christmas vacation.

Aside from the fact that it is cheaper to go, stay and explore, Europe becomes a colourful natural beauty during the winter months. It’s also less crowded allowing visitors to really engage with the locals and their culture. So instead of taking that tropical vacation to Costa Rica maybe somewhere in Europe will give you something you desire.

Here we take a look at our top 5 European destinations to visit during the winter months.


Prague is a real favourite among those searching for an historic feel to their vacation. In the winter, temperatures drop below freezing allowing for the city to be covered in a gorgeous white blanket of snow. Prague Christmas market is one of the best in Europe providing a month-long cultural winter experience for the city. Visitors can browse a myriad of market stalls for locally made decorations and gifts, taste authentic Czech food, and enjoy many of the cities musical performances. Aside from the market there’s also plenty to do throughout the winter such as visiting art museums, relaxing in historic cafes, ice skating or exploring the infamous historic district. Other events worth checking out are St. Nicholas Eve on December 5th, the Three Kings procession on January 5th, and the Czech end of winter festivals towards the end of February or start of March.


Germany’s capital is a popular European destination all year round and winter is no exception. The Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve celebrations in Berlin are loud and proud. They provide a great party atmosphere with rows of market stalls and German beer available accompanied by firework shows such as the one in front of the Brandenburg gate. The city’s never ending nightlife also provides the perfect place to really see out the year in style. Aside from the partying there are also some really special seasonal events such as the Transmediale festival where cutting edge ideas between art, culture and technology enthusiasts are all on display.


Famous for its coffee house retreats Amsterdam is a favourite among winter travellers. The
city’s friendly locals and café culture make for a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of togetherness. The city is incredibly diverse from its famous bike culture, array of museums and its controversial coffee houses all embedded round its renowned canal. In the winter the city is covered in snow and the canals are frozen making those intimate little retreats even more special. Staying on a heated houseboat is highly recommended during your stay here.


Christmas time in England is really special. You could of course hit up the country capital London, exploring its vast array of winter festivals such as winter wonderland in Hyde park, indulging in mulled wine and other Christmas treats. You’ll be sure to find many winter deals on restaurants and west end shows too. And of course London also offers some of the best shopping in the world. If that’s not your things then staying in the rolling English countryside is highly recommended. Countryside English cottages and local pubs with roaring open fires are sure to provide perfect relaxation.

The Dolomites, Italy

Finally we couldn’t compile this list without a mention without one of the best skiing resorts in Europe, the Dolomites in northeast Italy. Since they face some tough competition from the Alps and the Appenines it must be pretty special and they are. Not only are the views from this mountain range absolutely breath-taking but the mountains turn pink in the late afternoon which is an unusual sight to behold. Aside from some of Europe’s best skiing it also features the world-famous resort Cortina d’Ampezzo. This Is a serious contender for anyone looking for a bit more of an adventure!