Top Ten Liverpool Treats

England’s fourth most inhabited city might feel a little left out from just missing the top three status, however anyone who has spent even a weekend stay in Liverpool will know that finding ten highlights is really quite easy.

10. World Museum

With 5 floors, an aquarium, a planetarium, a bug house (live creepy crawlies), dinosaur exhibits and its own Theatre (The Treasure House Theatre) all for free, this is fun and educational for the whole family.

A Bug – But That Looks Like a Smiley Face To Me!1

9. Knowsley Safari Park

Less than 10 miles from the city centre this attraction has evolved into an award winning animal-friendly (and family-friendly) park. Still with the classic animal encounter scenario – on the Baboon Bus, so it isn’t YOUR wing mirrors that get stolen!

8. Anfield Stadium

There are two football teams calling Liverpool home – and millions of fans worldwide calling them their own team, too, even if they have never visited. If that’s you, then a visit can also take in the Anfield stadium Tour.

7. The Liverpool Big Wheel

Since the London Eye, several cities have obtained their own rotating view of their respective landmarks – and an unusual location to get in that romantic marriage proposal! This one does give you 1 VIP capsule, 60m in height and approximately 12 minutes (3 rotations) to pick your moment.

6. Liverpool City Centre

Before heading to the edge of the city, a quick stop off in the centre:

  • Art – With galleries, theatres and museums numbering into the forties in and around the middle of Liverpool you can walk from one cultural treat to another all day.

  • Shopping – The all-in-one complex, Liverpool One: sounding like a football result – Liverpool wins for a superb team of shopping, restaurants and cinema.

  • Staying – Only just halfway through the list and by now you should be planning a trip – there are over a dozen hotels within a mile of Liverpool L1 – some named after Beatles songs.

5. The Waterfront

There are so many things to do that I’m having to resort to sub-categories!

5a. Albert Dock.

Opened in 1846 and built in from cast iron, brick and stone in its entirety, this area of the Liverpool waterfront has been extensively renovated to include a host of things to do and see. There are lots of eateries, The Tate Liverpool Gallery and the Merseyside Maritime Museum to experience the story of the Titanic: an ideal precursor to a trip on…

5b. The Mersey Ferry

Not just a ferry ‘cross the Mersey, but a whole tour and round trip – bringing you back safely without an iceberg in sight.

Opposite Albert Dock – That’s it on the Opposite side of the Mersey

That’s 7 done! A Fab Four to finish…

4. Casbah Coffee Club

The club where the Beatles used to play in their very early days, with a tour and nostalgic anecdotes from those who knew them available for the true fan – book first though!

Rock The Casbah (Was That a Beatless Song?)2

3. Mendips

This was John Lennon’s Home from the age of 5 to 22, the address is strictly 251 Menlove Avenue and the 1950’s style house has been acquired by the National Trust.

2. 20 Forthlin Road

Paul McCartney’s home just retains the street address and is part of the tour you can take including John’s home. No English Heritage Blue Plaque here, though as he is still alive!

1. Mathew Street

Not a member of the band, but the location of the Carvern Club and great place to spend an evening experiencing live music and the night life of Liverpool after doing nine other things during the day!

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