Top Tips for Nervous Fliers

Do you start jittering the minute you even think about stepping into an airplane? During a flight do you grab the seat hand-rests as if holding onto life itself? I’m sure no one needs to tell you that you are a nervous flier! The modern world can be just a little scary for those of us who get a jumpy while in the air. Whether you are going on holiday or on a business trip, flying has become somewhat of a modern necessity. Unless you never want to leave the country, you are going to have to combat your fears. This quick guide will give you five tips to help you calm your nerves.

Arrive on Time

The first step is to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. There is no point in getting your nerves on the go before you even catch your flight. Do your research on the airport that you are flying from and ensure that you know exactly how you are going to get there and how long it will take you. Should you need to park your car at the airport, make sure the facilities are available. Bristol airport parking, for example, offers both short and long stays. Prices differ according to how far the parking spot is from the terminal, so take that into account as well!

Understand Your Flight

This may seem like a bit of mumbo jumbo, but it’s important that you know what’s normal during a course of a flight. Remember that while turbulence can be a little uncomfortable, it’s completely normal. It doesn’t mean anything bad is about to happen. Do you panic when you hit a bump in the road when driving? Of course you don’t!

Flying is also the most thoroughly tested and regulated form of transportation. Airplanes are routinely tested and maintained by engineers who know exactly what they are doing. Know that you are using the safest way to travel.


This is a simple yet extremely effective strategy. Breathing exercises can help you when feeling anxious. What you want to do is what is known as ‘deep breathing’. Hold your breath, and then take a deep breath in, followed by long breath out. Do this for as long as you feel necessary. It’s surprising just how quickly you will feel your nerves settle. You can also combine this strategy with muscle contractions, which will help your body feel occupied.

Keep Busy

Whether it’s through reading your favorite book or watching the latest movie, make sure you keep yourself busy throughout the flight. The last thing you want is to be alone with your fear with nothing else to keep you occupied.

Talk Through Your Fears

Talking about your issues with flying can be extremely helpful. You will find that you’re not the only one who suffers, which in itself can get you through the toughest periods during your flight. Let the flight attendants know that you can get a little bit nervous and they will do a fantastic job in taking special care of you. You may also want to mention it to the person next to you. They will usually be very understanding and you may even make a new friend!

Getting on time to airport parking Birmingham also helps. Remember just to relax and take it easy. Happy flying!