Top Tips For a Romantic Break In Paris

Europe offers some of the finest cities where you can take a romantic break with your loved one. From the classic beauty of Budapest, the chilled-out vibes of Berlin to the scenic beauty of Edinburgh, this continent is truly the place for lovers. There is however, one city which always wins in the ‘most romantic category’ and that is the city of love itself, Paris.

The romantic talk about Paris was something that I had been a little skeptical about in the past, you know how these places can get a reputation and run with it, yet when you visit you are disappointed. Well, this did not happen with my girlfriend and I when we went to Paris and it truly is the city of love. If you want  break with your partner then here are my tips on getting the most out of this romantic city.


Float Down The Seine

The River Seine runs right through the heart of Paris and it is a great place to commence your time in the city. If you go on a romantic river cruise down the Seine you will not only be able to casually float down river with a glass of champagne in your hand and oysters on your plate but you will be able to do so as you view almost all of Paris’ main attractions. From the river you’ll see Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre as well as much more of this beautiful city.

Love Locking

It’s a little cliche and very much frowned upon by the Parisian authorities but love locking is a really sweet and romantic way to hallmark your time in Paris. Love locking is where you and your partner inscribe each other’s initials on a padlock and lock it onto one of the many bridges that cross the Seine, your mark will then stay there forever.

Dine in Peace

You may think that finding a restaurant where it is just you and your partner who are dining would be impossible in a place like Paris but you’d be wrong. The entire city is filled with mazy streets and hidden alleyways where you will be able to find some rustic, locally cooked food and better yet, peace and quiet for you and your partner.

Vintage Loving

You can recreate all of the old images you have seen of Paris, the ones where two lovers cruise down the Champs-Elysées, a great place for shopping in Paris (department store Galeries Lafayette,) in a Citroen CV2 with the hood open. There are many places in Paris which rent out these beautiful vintage cars and if you are brave enough, then head down Paris’ most famous street and drive underneath the Arc d’Triomphe, hand in hand with your loved one like a couple of 50s movie stars.

Throughout the city of Paris there is just a real feeling of romance that cannot be explained and you will see love-dazed couples and kissing partners around almost every corner. Europe has some great romantic cities, but none more so than the true city of love, Paris.