Blue Skies and Bright Smiles: All About Relocating Your Family to Latin America

If you’re tired of living in the U.S. and you want to relocate your family to a beautiful country blessed with golden beaches, lush rainforest, and friendly residential areas, consider moving to Latin America. The weather is reasonable and the cost of living is great. Here are some tips for moving your family to Latin America with a little less worry and stress.


Where to Go

Where you choose to live in Latin American will be determined by a number of factors including your age, the ages and needs of your children. Panama is currently one of the safest and most popular places to live in Latin America. It’s even considered to be safer than many U.S. cities. The most popular places for ex-pats to raise their young families are Panama City, Gorgona, Boquete, and Coronado. Coronado, for example, has some of the best private schools in the country and safety is guaranteed due to its residential security gate and general police presence.

The Education System

Panama’s private schools are second to none. Parents describe the curriculums as challenging and hands-on. Classrooms contain kids from diverse cultures who enjoy learning together. Speaking Spanish is not essential when you get there because you children (and yourselves) will have plenty of opportunities to learn. Most core classes are taught in English, but Spanish is regarded as important as science or math.

Your Kids Will Soon Make Friends

Whatever their age, your children will enjoy building lasting friendships with a group of peers from incredibly diverse cultures. This will give them a deep respect for other worldviews and beliefs. Such diverse communities lead to the development of caring, open-minded individuals who will grow into strong and unprejudiced adults.

What Recreational Activities Do Children Have? 

In Panama, children love to play outdoors because there’s so much to do. While you can have TV and video games just like in any home, your kids would probably much rather meet their friends for surfing, boating, swimming or horseback riding.

Moving Your Belongings 

Your best bet is to move at least some of your belongings with you as you may not find all the things you want in your home when you get there. Shipping is not as expensive as you might imagine. If you find a reputable company, they will handle all the packing and customs fees and deliver it right to your new front door in plenty of time. They will also help you unpack and then leave you to get settled in. You can find out more here about shipping your home to Costa Rica and other Latin American countries.

Now you’re all set to move your family to Latin America, all you have to do is find the country that’s perfect for you and your family. Your kids are going to love it, and just think of what a wonderful multi-cultural experience they are going to have as they grow up.