Top Tips for Surviving a Holiday with Kids

The school holidays have arrived, which means many of us are starting to prepare for a family holiday. While holidays are great fun, a chance to get some sun and enjoy time together as a family, travelling with children can be stressful. Especially if they are young or you’ve got more than one. Here are some top tips to make sure you have a great break with your family, either this year or in the future.

Top Tips for Surviving a Holiday with Kids

Plan for the Journey

Often, the journey is the hardest part. So, whether you are flying, driving or taking the train, try to plan for the trip. The most common reasons for kids misbehaving during journeys are that they are tired, bored or hungry. Make sure you have snacks and drinks, activities and games and a pillow or blanket so they are comfortable enough to sleep.

Find Family Friendly Accommodation

There are some fantastic options all over the world when it comes to family friendly accommodation. Try to find a hotel, like these family friendly resorts Phuket, which have everything you need to keep the kids happy for the duration of your stay. Some of the things to look for in accommodation include:

  • Kids clubs
  • Childcare
  • Activities
  • Sports and games
  • Evening entertainment
  • Family friendly rooms
  • Facilities such as highchairs and cots
  • Kids pools
  • Fun bedrooms and beds
  • TVs
  • Games consoles

Plan Activities

Have a look online before you travel to find out what activities, landmarks and tourist spots there are at your destination. Book tickets in advance for things like museums or water parks, so you’ve got things to look forward to while you are away.

Take Favourite Toys

Younger children will settle better if you pack their favourite teddy bear, some small toys and their own blanket from home. Let older children pack their own hand luggage with their favourite games, books and devices so they’ve always got something to do.

Take a Break

As all parents know, sometimes it all gets a bit much. This is the same at home and on holiday. There are days when you just need a break. So, don’t feel guilty and remember, it’s your holiday too and you deserve a break. Many locations offer childcare, so go out one night or afternoon without the kids. If no childcare is available, leave them with your partner for a few hours or sit them in front of the TV while you read a book in peace.

Give Them a Project

Children respond well to having something special to do. Set them a challenge before you go. For older children, it could be keeping a photo journal of your holiday, writing a blog or posting stories to Instagram. Younger kids could make a scrap book and do scavenger hunts. Just make sure you pack any equipment they need to complete their task.

Remember to try to make the most of it. Your children won’t stay young enough to go away with you for long, so try to enjoy it as much as possible.