Top Worldwide Locations For a Romantic Vacation

There are few things better than a vacation with your partner, it can reaffirm a relationship, it can turn an attraction into a blossoming partnership and it can help you both to celebrate a special occasion. For this type of vacation, it is important that you get the location just right and there are many places throughout the World which specify in exactly what you are looking for, a romantic destination.


We have rounded up our favorite Worldwide destinations where you and your partner can relax and spend your time in bliss with one another, if this sounds like what you are after then read on to find your special destination.


A romantic holiday in the Maldives will be one that neither you or your partner will forget for a very long time. Set in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives looks exactly how paradise would in most people’s minds. Here you and your partner can rent your very own apartment which sits on stilts above the ocean and even has a glass bottom so that you can watch the marine life swim beneath you. Tranquility, white beaches, clear waters and excellent service is what awaits you on a trip to the Maldives.


Few places actually live up to their reputations but Paris, the city of love, most certainly does and it makes for the perfect couples getaway. There is even a sense of love in the Parisian air which is infectious and there is much here to do for you and your partner. Couples can place padlocks inscribed with each other’s names on one of the many bridges that cross the River Seine, kiss beneath the Eiffel Tower, dine alone in a hidden away French bistro or simply stroll the streets hand in hand and watch the World pass you by. If it is true romance you are after then look no further than Paris.


If anyone actually invented love, I have no doubt that it was the Italians, a nation which wears their hearts on their sleeves and are never shy of showing their feelings of love in a grand way. The city of Venice has, over the years, gained a reputation as being the Italian capital of love and a visit here explains everything. Beautiful architecture, a mazy waterway system in place of roads and some of the finest Italian cuisine that you are likely to find is what is on offer in Venice. For the ultimate experience, why not jump on to a gondola at sunset and sip a glass of Prosecco with your partner as you float along the canal, serenaded by a local singer. Venice has become an incredibly popular place to get engaged, so be warned that your partner may well be expecting more than you had planned!

Romance can be found anywhere in the World, many think that just being with their partner is enough and whilst this is true, there is nothing wrong with adding a romantic destination into the mix.