Travel Tips for Never Missing Your Flight Again

Airports are a bustling place. Home to one of the top traveling methods in the world, they are packed with people hurrying to get where they need to go. Unlike the more mellow bus and train stations, airports are very strict with their rules and they can be quite confusing, especially with all the hoops you have to jump through before you can board your plane. Missing an airplane is a common problem for the average traveler, and the effects of such a dratted mistake range from an inconvenient tardy arrival at a family get together to a devastating absence at a vital business function. No matter what, its guaranteed that missing a flight is never a pleasant experience. So this article, with its handy tips and tricks on smart early airport arrival etiquette, is here to make sure it never happens to you. You can easily book cheap rates at Manchester airport hotels from Holiday Extras, which helps you find great hotels within proximity of your chosen airport.

Cut The Check

While many airport hassles, such as security, cannot be avoided, there are certain time eaters you can cut out with a few simple preparations. A big one of these is the bag check. Air passengers who check their bags can plan on tacking on at least an extra fifteen to twenty minutes on to their airport prep time, or even longer, depending on lines. If you pack smart, with miniature toiletries and not much more than the necessities, keeping your luggage to a bare, carry-on sized minimum shouldn’t be too difficult, especially for a short trip. Besides, zipping around the airport with a light carry-on backpack sure beats lugging a full-sized rolling suitcase down the halls all afternoon. However, be sure to check your airport’s carry-on bag policies beforehand. The number and size and weight of acceptable carry-on bags varies by airport, and it’s always best to be fully informed.

Always Overestimate

It may have taken you a speedy forty-five minutes to zip your way out of the parking lot, through airport security, and into your seat by your flight gate on your last trip, but that previous experience doesn’t set the bar for your next one. Airports are quite unpredictable. Security lines, waits for buses to and from the airport, finding your gate; all those airport chores and more might take minutes, but they could take hours if your luck turns bad, so the best thing to do is plan on waiting around as you never know when a delay can ruin your plans. Incidentally, if you have been delayed by over 3 hours on your flight, you can claim compensation through a company like Flight Delay Claims 4 U. Bring a book, bring your iPod, bring a back cushion for those uncomfortable sideline gate seats, and get ready to settle in if you finish all the necessary tasks early. Though it might not be as comfortable as your sofa at home, it’s hands-down better than a crazy race to the wrong gate at the very last second.

Lay Local

If your final destination can only be reached from an airport that’s more than an hour or so away from your home, it may be best to stay in an airport hotel the night before. This cuts out all driving delays and puts you minutes away from your plane, drastically destressing your flight day. If you’re not sure where to book a bed, Holiday Extras can help you out. Furthermore, Holiday Extras compares Gatwick hotels, along with many other lodges, in order to get you booked into the place that best suits you.

With these tips and tricks, rest assured you’ll spend a little less time dreading your next airport experience and a little more time as the first one bouncing through the terminal to your final destination!