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Top Hotels in Costa Adeje

If you’re planning a break in Tenerife, Costa Adeje is a brilliant place to base yourself. Perched close to the bustling Playa de las Americas, Costa Adeje is a much quieter region, which nonetheless has plenty to offer.


A Guide to Getting Around Amsterdam

Full of cultural attractions and great architecture, Amsterdam is an exciting city to explore. And, since it’s so compact, it’s fairly quick to travel around, too – especially given there are so many transport options. Before you set off, read…

Cheap flights to Tenerife

Tenerife: Spain’s Must See Volcanic Island

  Imagine being in a place where everyday there was a different adventure to be had. A place in which one felt that around each corner a whole different world was waiting to be discovered, thanks to some of this…


Paris: Perilous Or Packaged?

Everybody knows Paris is a killer destination.  When I passed through it in my college days, I was alone and penniless  with little baggage and even less planning.  I barely saw anything, so last month, considerably better off and with five days to…

Rocks off in Roscoff

How to Get Your Rocks off in Roscoff

Imagine a Frenchman; the most stereotypical Frenchman you can think of. Don’t worry about being rude or un-PC. This is a game. Thought of something? Ok. Are you picturing a man with a beret? Wearing a striped shirt? On a…


The Best Bars In Germany

The people of Germany know how to have a good party. What’s more they are very happy to talk and dance the nights away with tourists from different parts of the world. If you’re keen to enjoy the very best…


What to See in Turkey: 10 Hours in Istanbul

Waking with a bump as we landed, the first thought was that another stage of the plan to avoid jet-lag had been successful. With thanks to Turkish Airlines criminally understaffed transfers desk (and having attained a visa), two of my…