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Why You Should Take a Tasmanian Road Trip

Tasmania is a small island in the Commonwealth of Australia. It is also known as the ‘Apple Isle’. It is a state rich in heritage, natural beauty, flora and fauna. The Tasmanian terrain might fool you but it is a…

The Best of Europe in 2014

Europe is one of the best continents and busiest continents in the world for international travel. Lauded by travellers all over the world as a top holiday destination offering big bang for the buck, it’s more than likely to catch…

Holidaying in Antalya – What You Need to Know

One of the reasons that Turkey is such a popular holiday destination is that it is a convenient journey for UK travellers. For instance, flights to Antalya with Pegasus from a range of UK airports only take around four hours,…

Italy in Winter: 4 Great Vacation Ideas

Winter is truly a magical time of year. It is a time when the world turns a complete 180 and changes landscapes in many parts of the world. Italy is no exception to the drastic change that happens every year….

Best Outdoor Activities In Spain

Spain proved to be one of the most popular destinations on earth for travellers in 2013. Next year things don’t look at all like they are set to slow down. What with the country’s brilliant reputation for food, culture and…

Warm Winter Getaways: Brisbane, Australia

It’s getting chilly around Europe this time of year that’s for sure. Yet while the rain comes down and the temperatures plunge to more shivering depths in this half of the hemisphere, there’s plenty of warmth south of the equator.

New Year Parties Around the World

When it comes to ringing in the New Year, some cities do it better than others. From famous firework displays to eyebrow-raising traditions; if you’re planning on visiting somewhere exotic for New Year’s Eve, you couldn’t do much better than the…


6 Kiwi Food Souvenirs

New Zealand is known for many things! They have a lot of wonderful destinations such as thermal springs, beaches and forests. The number of camp sites in the country is also awesome especially.

7 Casinos to Visit in France

Casino games and poker lovers who are on their way to France would not be disappointed although this is not Las Vegas the country has its fair share of casinos.