Why You Should Take a Tasmanian Road Trip

Tasmania is a small island in the Commonwealth of Australia. It is also known as the ‘Apple Isle’. It is a state rich in heritage, natural beauty, flora and fauna. The Tasmanian terrain might fool you but it is a state best explored in four wheels while hitting the tarmac.

Almost 50% of its land surface area is covered by national parks, wildlife reserves and World Heritage sites. The highways of Tasmania are built in such a way that you can roam from one end of the state and make a full circle. You can go on a road trip in your own car. However, there are plenty of car rental companies that make it easy for you to hire a campervan in Tasmania.


Here’s what you should spend your time seeing.
West Coast route

The popular route from Hobart is towards the West Coast. The well known attractions on this route include the Gordon River cruise and Wilderness World Heritage area in the south-west. The Collingwood and Franklin Rivers combine to form the Gordon River. It runs through the Wild Rivers National Park. You can go for a walk through the national park or opt for the cruise.

Launceston route

Another route takes you to Launceston from Hobart. Launceston is a charming little village near Hobart which has colonial buildings by the side of the roads. Near Launceston lie the famous tourist spots of Cradle Mountain and Walls of Jerusalem. The Cradle Mountain is a part of the Lake St Clair National Park. The highest mountain of Tasmania is located in this park.

Food and wine 

Food and wine loving tourists will never be disappointed in Tasmania. The state offers a variety of fresh produce; apples, mushrooms, berries and herbs. It is a prime producer of various cheese varieties. On your road trip, you can visit the local vineyards and sample the Australian wine specialties. The farmers are happy to share the produce at reasonable rates.

National Parks

The 17 national parks in Tasmania also make up some of its top rated destinations. Showcasing terrains ranging from tall glorious mountains to the azure blue coasts, Tasmania also offers a variety of outdoor experiences like wilderness walks, camping, fishing, whitewater rafting and more.

A road trip across Tasmania is bound to be an experience full of culture, heritage, mouth-watering food and picturesque scenery. The best way to explore is to hit the road and keep on pushing forward.