5 Stops That You Must Make When You Are in Italy


Europe has its fair share of luxurious destinations and among the countries in the continent, Italy happens to be on the top of the list. When you are on a tour to the country which is well-known for its beauty and charm, it would be ideal to ride a train such as those affordable trenitalia options offered on Rail Europe. With its abundance in interesting cities, it would be great to know how to travel between them. Despite the seemingly luxurious accommodations and stops in the country, traveling need not be expensive. Here are some interesting cities and towns that you should include on your list of places to visit:

Florence: This town has a huge role in the history of Italy and it used to be the capital of the country at one time. During the 15th and the 16th century, this city was at its prime and it also symbolizes the Renaissance. This town has made it into the World Heritage List due to its architecture, monuments and gardens which are unmatched as they are the works of great artists such as Michelangelo, Giotto and Brunelleschi. The religious buildings such as Santa Croce Church are definitely a must visit. While here, be sure to take a walk along the Arno River and cross the Ponte Vecchio by foot. Travelers who are innately foodies would also love this town.

Turin: This historic town is highly influenced by the Savoy owing to the length of their reign over the territory. However, this place has been left out by a lot of tourists over the last century although it is the home of Fiat factories and it was the country’s first capital. The town which is surrounded with charming and snowy Alpine peaks has so much to offer from the art noveau mansions, cool baroque palaces, restaurants offering sumptuous Piemontese cuisine and an abundance of baroque palace. You will find so many stops here that will leave you awed. The ancient city gate where there is a market daily is a heaven for foodies and there are so much food varieties to try. You also have to visit one of the funky bars or a classy café.

Venice: The city of canals is definitely a point of interest especially for those who are looking for a cool place. The entire city including the Venetian Lagoon has been named as a World Heritage Site owing to the beauty of the place, the art as well as the architecture. This city also happens to have a long history. During the Middle Ages it was a major maritime power and an important center for commerce and today it remains to be a glorious monument to a colorful past.

Rome: When planning a visit to Italy, no one should fail to include this awesome place which is the seat of the Catholic religion’s faith. Located at the tip of the Italian peninsula’s central western portion, there has been a lot of history surrounding the area. Rome’s history can be traced back up from 2.5 centuries ago making it one of the ancient world’s treasures. Over the years, the city gained more popularity and it was ultimately described as a global city and the Coliseum and the Vatican Museum are some of the important stops in the area.

Bologna: Located in the Emilia Romagna Region at the center of the metropolitan area, it is not surprising why there are a lot of people who are interested in what the place has to offer. It is one of the most valuable centers for arts and culture due to the number of landmarks. There are also numerous political and economic institutions in the area. Piazza Maggiore which houses the City Hall as well as San Petronio Basilicais an awesome sight and there’s the Due Torri which is quite iconic. There is even more to see in the city.

Italy is definitely a country with a long history and there are several interesting stops that you can make. These are just some suggestions to make the most out of your trip to the country.