5 Great Ways To Prepare For The Adventure Of A Lifetime

You did it!!! You have decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, be it a rafting tour, a bike tour, or a backpacking trip around the world. You have booked the dates and planned the destinations, now all you have to do is wait. A great way to spend the up coming months is to start preparing for your vacation. Here are five great tips to start planning for your dream vacation.


5. You should really consider getting into shape for your vacation. You don’t need to go all out crazy dieting or over extending yourself ahead of time. Just take into consideration what is on the itinerary for your vacation. Do you think that you will be doing a lot of hiking? Climbing? Or maybe you will be doing some rowing? Just start a basic gym plan to work out the muscles that you will be using during your vacation. This could prevent strains, pulls, or overexertion while having your fun filled adventure.

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4. Make a list and get organized. Once you have planned everything you should create a list of all the things that you might need to bring the day of your trip. This list could include: up to date passports and I.D.’s, all medical information to carry on hand and to leave with an emergency contact at home, a list of important information for the neighbors, and all current information for the kids. Get all flight times organized and all rides set up to and from the airport. Having all of this prepared ahead of time will be sure to save you a little bit of stress on your day of travel.

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3. Find the clothing that you want to pack. For an ordinary vacation you would just throw in a suit, some shorts and shirts and call it a day. When taking an adventure vacation the clothing you bring should be well planned out and comfortable. Depending on the type of adventure you might need some good hiking clothes, or boots, or maybe water shoes that can double as hiking shoes. Find a brand that you like which seems comfortable and test them out. Go for a long hike, bike ride, or whatever it is you plan to do during your adventure. Making sure that all of your gear is comfortable and fits properly is key to a successful adventure vacation.

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2. Start adjusting to the food you will be eating during your adventure. If you will be camping on a river eating lots of fish, try adjusting your pallet now. Cut back on some junk food and get your health in tiptop shape. No one likes to feel sick or run down during their adventure vacation. Healthy choices with good wholesome food and exercise will get your body in the condition it needs to have an amazing trip.


1. Do a little research on the items that you need to bring. Read up on people who have traveled before you and see which items you just can’t live without. Waterproof sunblock, good hiking socks, chap stick, or maybe even a bear bell. Find the items that are important. Here you can also find out if you need any special preparations like immunizations or pills in case of emergency while you are there. You may be over prepared but when you get poison oak you will be happy to have the lotion and solution packed up all ready to go. Continue building up your excitement for your adventure by becoming well prepared and getting ready for your exciting vacation!

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