5 Reasons to Study English in the UK

There are many options available when you choose to study the English language, and there are courses open to students in a variety of different countries. Choosing to study English in the United Kingdom has many advantages and benefits to the scholar above other places. Here are five of the top reasons why the UK is the best option out there for people looking to study the English language as a subject.

Home of the English Language

The United Kingdom is the birthplace of the English language, which makes it the top place to study if you’re looking to pursue a degree in English. As the home of the language, the courses in English that the UK has to offer are arguably the best in the world. Many other countries offer courses in the English language, but no other country can claim to be the place where the language originated.

Wide Variety of Courses

The United Kingdom has the biggest range of available English courses in the world. When you choose to study English in the UK, there are many options available for different courses in many different cities. Most universities offer combination courses, so you can study English alongside another subject and gain experience and knowledge in another area while still studying the language.

Options for Progression

When you graduate with an English degree in the UK, there are many options for further study and progression in a wide variety of subjects all over the country. The English language is the foundation for success in the UK, and you can use your qualification to go further and pursue the degree of your choice. The qualifications received for completion of an English course from UK colleges and universities are recognised worldwide, so if you do not wish to remain in the country once your course is complete, you can use your degree to progress with studies or work elsewhere in the world.

Academic Excellence

The United Kingdom has some of the best universities in the world, and it is renowned for its academic excellence. It has one of the top reputations worldwide for academic success and by studying in the UK, you can be guaranteed you are getting the best education available.

History and Culture

The UK has many great sights to see, rich in both history and culture. One of the great things about the United Kingdom is that it is a relatively small place, and while studying your English degree there you will have the opportunity to travel around the country with ease to experience some of the beautiful landmarks and experience the British culture.

While there are many different choices and options available in different countries to study English in the UK, there are many reasons why taking an English course in the United Kingdom is the best choice. Not only is it the home of the English language, but there are many things to see and do, and the qualifications you can receive are among the best in the world.