Fly With a Difference: The World’s Best Locations For Your Next Bungee Jump or Sky Dive

If you are a traveler looking for something new to satisfy your intrepid spirit, perhaps you should consider the thrill of skydiving and/or bungee jumping. To maximize the experience, choose your destination with discernment. Some places offer much better adrenaline rushes than others and, for the serious adventurer, this is crucial. We have scanned the globe and found five of the top thrill-seeking, spine-tingling, and “wow-factor” destinations for sky-diving and bungee jumping. So – read on!

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Located in Southern Africa, on the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls has the unique distinction of being the largest waterfall in the world, and a top choice for bungee lovers. From the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, bungee jumpers can stand with arms outstretched and hear the famous call before plummeting a full 111 meters with the massive waterfall as a backdrop. As the adrenaline rushes, the sound of the water thunders, and the sharp stomach-lurching sensation of falling combines, the thrill cannot be overstated. Sky dives are also available that equal or surpass the excitement of the bungee.


Riding the waves isn’t the only exciting activity in Hawaii. Sky divers enjoy the thrill of seeing the entire island at once in its splendor. There are several sky-diving services available on Hawaii’s main island as well as some of the other islands such as Oahu. First-time divers can rest assured that their safety is in the hands of qualified instructors, and seasoned divers will never tire of the incredible rush as the miles of free fall allow the freedom to fly solo for a small span of time.

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

A massive concrete behemoth that spans a height of 720 feet, and a width of 1,250 feet, and comprised of 23 million cubic feet of concrete, Verzasca Dam’s first claim to fame came in the opening scene of the 1995 James Bond film, GoldenEye in which the daring Bond bungee-jumped from this dam, which was supposed to be a Soviet arms factory. Adventure seekers of James Bond’s caliber can be assured they will not be disappointed in this jump.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown has been described as one of the premium adventure destinations in the world, and this is especially true for lovers of the bungee. There are multiple locales within Queenstown for jumping, not the least of which is The Nevis Highwire. The Nevis is a platform which is attainable by a breathtaking cable car ride. Standing on the platform is an experience all its own, before taking the bungee plunge of 440 feet for an exhilarating 8.5 seconds of free fall.

Wakatipu Lake, New Zealand

Words are insufficient to describe the majesty of the terrain in and around this part of New Zealand. Think Middle Earth, as this was the location where The Lord Of The Rings was shot, and you will have the general idea. Sky divers rank this as a favorite destination for the thrill of the fall, with the surrounding views. One experienced diver referred to it as “dropping into Heaven.”

The choices for bungee-jumping and sky diving are too many to list in one writing. However, the above examples are great options for satisfying that intrepid spirit, and indulging in the thrill of the jump. For a chance to snap up your dream flight to any of the aforementioned hotspots, head on over to Avios and see how you make even small purchases can get you up in the air and heading for the exhilarating thrill of flying with a difference.