7 things to do in Riviera Maya

Going on day trips down the coast is one of many things to do in Riviera Maya

Photo by CC user bitmaper on Flickr.

Welcome to paradise! Otherwise known as the Riviera Maya. Paradise is filled with lots to do and see, making for a fantastic vacation destination. If you’re one who loves sun, sand, great food and lots of music, you’ll find the Riviera Maya a hard location to beat. Below, you’ll find some great choices for your visit.

Swim in a Cenote

Large sinkholes that now serve as swimming locations, cenotes are the perfect way to enjoy a refreshing fresh water dip. Because the water in these sinkholes has been slowly filtered, you’ll find that they’re amazingly clear, great for those who wish to freedive and explore what’s under the surface.

Go on a catamaran adventure

Great for those who love boats as much as they love the ocean, a catamaran adventure includes cruising the Riviera Maya on a 45 foot long boat before snorkeling the waters below. You’ll also find yourself treated to free drinks and snacks while on board.

Visit the XCaret Park

A very large park with over 40 different attractions, the XCaret Park will give you a whole day of options to choose from. Here you’ll find the opportunity to explore jungle ruins, to snorkel, to visit a wild bird aviary and an orchid greenhouse. Once night falls, you’ll be treated to a show showcasing the best in Mexican culture.


With some great .snorkeling opportunities close by, you really can’t go wrong. Here you’ll find lots of different marine species to observe, from the smallest of fish to large nurse and lemon sharks. You’ll also find a colorful backdrop of corals, sea fans and sponges to take pictures of, so make sure to have some sort of underwater camera with you during each and every visit into the ocean.

Visit Tulum

A great town, Tulum serves as a relaxing getaway with a beach and beautiful Mayan ruins to soak in. Along with the opportunity to learn more about the local culture, you’ll find lots of activities to partake in as well, including yoga, kitesurfing and snorkeling. After a morning of adventures, or just a relaxing session laying on the beach, you’ll find lots of different restaurants to choose from, right on the beach. Don’t forget to also visit the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve where you just might get the chance to view an alligator or a manatee.

Scuba Dive

If you love the ocean and have your certification, you’ll want to set a day aside to scuba dive the Great Maya Reef. A dive here will show you healthy coral heads, a variety of tropical fish swimming in large schools and some larger marine life, such as the sea turtle. Make sure to also keep an eye out for a lemon or nurse shark swimming by.

Visit Chichen Itza

Noted as one of the Seven Wonders of the New World, Chichen Itza serves as the second most visited attraction within the entire country. A visit here will take you straight to a section of Mayan ruins where you’ll find pyramids, temples and more. Make sure to pack water, comfortable shoes and sunscreen when you visit.

With so much to do and see, the Riviera Maya is an excellent choice for those who wish to combine relaxation with excitement in a single visit. Because of all there is to do, it’s no wonder why people choose to live here. Though the above 7 are great choices, there are also many others things to do and see when in the area, so make sure to keep your options open.