8 Celebrity Vacation Destinations

Where do the rich and famous go when they want to kick back? No doubt every traveler worth their salt have asked themselves that at one point or another. One things for sure, it’s probably not the Southeast Asian penny-pinching dives we’ve come to know and love here on GoingAbroad.org. Nope, they’re much less run of the mill. Here we take a look at what’s hot among the stars.


Japan’s capital is a firm favourite with a whole bunch of people. Modern, frantic and at the cutting edge of everything technology-centred, it’s the fun side of the city that celebrities like the most. Tokyo Disneyland Park has had Lady Gaga and Jessica Alba as visitors, but Japan’s weird and wonderful continues to attract.


Whether it’s hula-fans like Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears and Will Smith, or the Kuaui loving Katy Perry, Hawaii keeps pulling in the big names. Always having been something of a playground for the stars, the Pacific paradise has seen its clientele go further far afield in recent years. It’s still North America’s favourite vacation island however.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

A bit more specific than the previous two spots, Parrot Cay is a 1,000-acre private isle, located in the Caribbean territory of Turks and Caicos. No cars or roads run on the island, only golf carts help people get to and from the one-mile-long white sand beach.

Considered a refuge from snap-happy paparazzi (the hotel can only be reached by boat), it might be difficult for the regular among you to carve out a stay here. Still, if you do, you’ll have joined Ashton Kutcher, Jerry Seinfield, Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis for company.

While you’re visiting the Caribbean, you can get the real celebrity experience by booking one of the many luxury St. Barts vacation rentals available on the island.


Put on the map by French model and actress Brigitte Bardot, Saint-Tropez, like Hawaii, has a long reputation for being one of the favourite go-to-spots for celebs worldwide. The pearl of the French Riviera, recent visitors include Tom Cruise, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham, all big fans of its bay and beaches no doubt.

Bora Bora

Counting Nicole Kidman, Rob Lowe, Sharon Stone and Eva Longoria among former visitors, Bora Bora stands pride of place in The French Polynesian islands. With several upscale resorts, poolside bungalows and private accommodations, Bora Bora is growing more steam as a worldwide destination.


One that’s not all about sun, sea and erm, whatever else it is you think celebrities might get up to, the snowy clime of Aspen is a popular winter getaway with the likes of Mariah Carey, Demi Moore and Heidi Klum. Skiing in the Colorado Rockies is also a pastime of other Hollywood leading men like Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson and Kurt Russell too.

Lake Como

Madonna, Richard Branson and Matt Damon all claim to be fans of Italy’s Lake Como. While A-lister George Clooney, for that matter, keeps a lakeside villa in this prime European hotspot.


The British West Indies is home to some of the Caribbean’s best beaches and tucked away secrets. Anguilla, with its booming average temperature, is a well known retreat for Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan, Liam Neeson and Uma Thurman.

These destinations will go a long way to pad out any respectable bucket list. Just make sure you don’t lose your cool when you catch sight of your favourite big screen star.