Top Winter Sun Destinations

If you’re already lamenting the end of the summer then why not book a holiday in a far flung country and chase the sun on its course across the sky? There are plenty of locations outside of the UK which offer scorching temperatures and clear skies – even in winter. Here are just a couple of them.


Enjoy colourful food, vibrant atmospheres and blistering temperatures in Mexico this winter. There are plenty of great cities and beach locations to visit so you’re sure to find the perfect destination for the type of break you have in mind and although locals might call the temperature “cold”, chances are you will disagree!


The ultimate beach break, Jamaica has long been seen as the archetypal island paradise. Check in at the end of the year and enjoy a winter holiday with a difference. Golden sands, deep blue seas and a relaxed way of life will make you feel a million miles away from home.


Although Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands are part of Spain, their location near Africa means that they benefit from excellent weather – even when other countries are starting to cool down. Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are the most popular islands on this archipelago and as well as offering great party scenes and nightlife for youngsters they also provide family-friendly attractions and quiet beaches on which to relax.

Booking your perfect break this winter

If you’re interested in booking winter breaks this winter then you need to make sure that you research all of the viable destinations and pick the best one for you. As well as looking for warm weather and plenty of activities, you also need to choose a destination which offers good value for money.

This means checking the cost of living in various destination to see which stand up the best when comparing holiday costs (the Post Office’s Holiday Costs Barometer is a good resource for this) as well as considering how to drive down the cost of flights, accommodation and trips.

There are plenty of smaller airlines and travel operators such as Condor which offer more competitive deals and choosing to fly from a local airport rather than main hubs could also prove cheaper in the long run.