Affordable Amsterdam

There are a plethora of European cities that are worth exploring, but Amsterdam is one of the continent’s most delightful urban gems. The reasons for its immense popularity are plenty. Be it the lovely colorful locales, the food, the culture, the unmatched hospitality or be it the pleasant environment, each aspect of this delightful European city remains with you in your mind as the sweetest of memories tempting you to come here again and again. It is a multicultural place surrounded with waters and is also known as ‘Little Babel’. The houses here have narrow and uncovered windows that allow and allure any visitor to peek into the culture of this beautiful city. It is busy and modern city where ladies are common to be seen on bikes and the trams are packed. The roads are filled with chaotic locals and frenetic tourists. Life seems to be hectic yet happy in this part of the world. And in a few hours you are sure to be habituated to their lifestyle which is very exciting and refreshing.

Winter is the best time to travel to this part of the world, as it is considered to be the off season. Though temperatures will be a bit low as compared to the other months it is still considered to be the most suitable period. The main reason is the inflow of the tourists from around the globe during winter is comparatively very less as compared to the other seasons. Another reason for choosing winter season is the period between the month of October and March are said to be the cheapest time to visit Amsterdam, as many discounts are available on the tour packages. Due to low traffic the tourist agencies give huge discounts on the tour packages to attract customers.

Amsterdam is full of tourist destinations and a week may not prove to be enough to visit all of those. There are a number of things which a person can do here and that too without spending a penny. Like, most of the tourists don’t know that they can wander through the Rijksmuseum gardens and enjoy the sculptures, the bushy roses and the hedges absolutely free of cost. Taking a ferry over the IJ to the NSDM is free which leads to Amsterdam Noord where there is an amazing underground culture. A boat ride with The St. Nicolas Boat Club is fun and free too. However you need to carry your own drinks and stuff for additional enjoyment. The Concertgebouw treats it visitors on every Tuesday and Wednesday for 30 minutes from 12.30p.m known as lunch time concerts with its world-renowned Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra from the month of October to June every year. One is free to witness the 17th century art for free at the famous Civic Guards’ Gallery. Other free attractions include chilling out at Vondelpark, exploring Bejignhof garden and of course hanging out at market streets.

A package deal is always advised because when you avail a package you are free from other things and can concentrate on only one thing which enjoyment. And after all that’s why a tour is planned, to enjoy!

Photo Credit: Moyan_Brenn