The Best Cruises For History And Culture Lovers

Cruise holidays are rapidly growing in popularity. The stigma of it only being for people that are in their golden years has been removed. Travel in style, witness ancient civilisation whilst travelling in modern day comfort. There are plenty of cruise companies and cruise holiday packages to choose from. The following article is for history buffs or people that have an appreciation for the past. It lists the destinations that you can experience the most iconic ancient civilisations or history figures.


It probably didn’t even cross your mind; you’d be kicking yourself if it wasn’t for this handy article. Visiting Egypt really is a holiday of a lifetime, so much history. The Nile river cruises sail through 5,000 years of history. Experience King Tutankhamuns masterpieces of ancient art in Cairo, many tourists have stated that you get to look through the window of history and feel what his power and rathe were like. See the beautiful Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza and then travel to the ancient capital of Memphis. There are also cruises available that go to Aswan which gives you the opportunity to see the Luxor Temple, The Valley of Kings and Queens and the Temple of Isis. Just to name a few. Experience and appreciate this ancient civilisation that held knowledge way before their time.


A Cruise Holiday is one of the best ways to experience the different cultures and countries of Europe. Experience all that it has to offer. For those of us that have dreamed of the Romance of France you can also choose a cruise that gives you 100% focus in this country. You can spend some time in Paris and then discover the quaint villages, the contrast is beautiful. The terrain is very picturesque and almost a cinematic quality, it will feel as though you are in a movie. The Normandy region and WWII landing beaches are full of history. Vincent van Gogh’s Auvers-sur-Oise, Claude Monet’s stunning gardens in Giverny, and Joan of Arc’s historic Rouen are all in France, how could the present not appreciate such a rich history?
Yes, this is only two destinations but they are rich in history in culture. Time and time again you hear that a destination is once in a life time or a must see destination. This is why I’ve only chose two destinations, the experience will be beyond words. To witness how an ancient civilisation lived and developed is truly life changing. You don’t need to be a history buff to appreciate the rich heritage and story line behind these destinations. Book today with Avalon Waterways and don’t miss a single second, not even whilst travelling between A and B.

Written by Jasmine Poole
Jasmine has travelled across 30 countries in the last 18 months. She is currently in Darwin, Australia.

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon