Stay Covered in the Sun

When you’re checking out deals to get away from the British winter blues in favour of sun in warmer foreign climates, take some time to also check out travel insurance. An increasing amount of travellers are neglecting to purchase travel insurance for their foreign holidays, putting them at risk of huge medical bills should they have an injury or illness that requires medical assistance.

Despite ABTA, the UK’s leading travel association, recommending several insurance techniques to save money and ensure you’re protected when abroad, more and more people are choosing to travel without cover. 24% of travellers are now without insurance, which is a rapid increase from the 20% in 2011.

Those who usually take out annual cover are also choosing to go without, as the number has dropped from 30% to 23% in the space of one year.

Travel insurance is essential for holidays abroad as it should cover you for illnesses, injuries or allergic reactions you may experience on your holiday. If you have a known health problem, your insurance should reflect this as well as the possible illnesses that could occur due to an established health problem; for example, if you are aware you suffer from asthma, ensure you are getting the correct insurance to cover direct asthma attacks, as well as possible reactions that could occur due to asthma.

You should also make sure your insurance covers any activities you know you will be participating in; 30% of skiers and snowboarders have been ‘buying blind’ meaning they are not covered for any injuries that may occur whilst on the slopes.

If you have taken out the correct travel insurance and your company is refusing to pay out the costs of your care, there are steps in places to help you. British law is implemented to aid those who have been wrongly refused insurance funding, so so if you are having problems with claiming then look here for nationwide advice on the matter.

Photo Credit: katerha