Get Merry and a Killer Tan: The Best Beach Bars in Thailand

Thailand is a country filled with amazing sceneries and exotic beaches. Thousands of tourists flock to its magnificent beaches for soft, white sands and crystal clear waters that offer the perfect conditions for swimming, relaxing and getting thoroughly smashed!

Thai beach life is incredibly alive and active; there are beach bars all over the coasts of the country with wild parties and delicious drinks that make for a trip abroad like no other. Here’s some of the best beach bars in Thailand. Bottoms up!

Best Beach Bars in Thailand: Baba’s Nest

This beautiful and stylish rooftop bar is the best among all rooftop bars in the world. Situated in the south-eastern peninsula’s tallest pinnacle, visitors can enjoy a 360 degree view of the south-eastern peninsula, the city of Phuket, the Andaman Sea and its surrounding islands. An infinity pool surrounds the rooftop bar, and an exclusive choice of its renowned cocktails and martinis are sure to give you a heaven on earth experience.

Best Beach Bars in Thailand: Catch Beach Club

Named as the most fashionable beach bar in all of Phuket’s resorts, the Catch Beach Club offers a wide selection of dishes that are sure to get your appetite up while enjoying the scenic view of the beach and the sunset horizon. Friday nights are the most popular for the seafood and lamb feast, while Tuesdays are more of barbecue nights. A delightful selection of drinks will spice up your evening as you party along with other guests to the music from live bands and that awesome beachfront ambience.

Best Beach Bars in Thailand: Ska Bar

A small and modest bar situated at the southern end of Phuket’s famous Kata Beach, but is probably the most famous among all bars there for its vibrant ambience and atmosphere. Enjoy a beautiful view of the beach while relaxing to the soothing ska and reggae music. This place is very popular with tourists and travellers for their signature drinks and occasional beach parties that will certainly get your blood pumping. The locals are very friendly, and you are sure to meet some very nice people.

Best Beach Bars in Thailand: Angus and Arfur O’Tool’s

Karon beach’s most famous bar has a lot to offer its customers in terms of pleasure and excitement. Originally starting out as an Irish pub, this fantastic bar serves a good selection of world-renowned ciders such as Magners and Kilkenny, as well as beers such as Heineken and Carlsberg. If you’re seeking a good place to get away from loud music, then this bar is perfect for you. The locals are very hospitable and friendly, and meeting new friends is a common thing here.

Best Beach Bars in Thailand: Lotus Bar

Sit down and relax to an exhilarating view of the sunset horizon as you take a sip of the cool, refreshing drinks of this popular and renowned resort in all of Thailand. This place is popular with very wild and exciting parties, and a local display of fireworks and fire eaters. Dining in its wooden cottages gives you this very exotic and relaxing experience, and meeting the friendly locals is sure to give you that “feel at home” experience.

You’ll never run out of an exciting time in the marvellous country of Thailand. Whether you’re looking for a party adventure or simply aiming for a relaxing holiday, these famous beach bars are definitely going to give you what your heart desires.