Travel Smarter: 5 New and Cool Travel Apps

When you’re on the go, travel apps can save you both on time and money. These apps have changed the way we used to travel few years back. They can show you the best and the quickest way to navigate an unknown foreign street, get you the best five-star hotel discount, even show you the nearest clean restroom. Their benefits are indefinite as their numbers. While some of these apps are free some may require you to loosen up your wallet a bit. Among these infinite and overwhelming apps, we have listed out 5 cool travel apps that are innovative, creative, and in few cases, downright space-age when compared to others.

1. TripIt: TripIt is an impeccable travel app for frequent travellers. It allows you to control almost all aspects of your travel preparation and sends your confirmations and travel documents to TripIt for easy tracking of your plans. In short, you don’t have to do anything, but just sit back as the app does everything for you. Moreover, it can also sync your plans with your calendar and allows access to various social media platforms in order to share your progress with family and friends. TripIt is available on most of the smartphone platforms – Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and Windows Phone 7.

2. Hotel Tonight: What if you can get steep discounts on five-star hotel rooms at the very last minute? Won’t that be awesome? The next cool travel app, Hotel Tonight, is all about that. It allows you to book same-day, last-minute rooms for a discounted price. You don’t have to call or email to reserve your room, instead you can do it right through the app. One recent search turned up like this: Blakes hotel for $378, marked down from $604, Thompson hotel room for $378, down from $529. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

3. Transit App: By subway, train, or bus, you can reach your destination faster with the Transit App. This app detects you location automatically, zones in on available public transport routes, and shows you their next available times. You can also save maps to your phone offline using this app, meaning that an internet connection is not required to access maps in case you are in an unreachable zone at that point.

4. Kayak Mobile: Kayak Mobile is another awesome app that allows you to make reservations when you’re on the go. When reserving a room, flight, or a vehicle on the go, you can always rely on this easy-to-use cool app from the one of the best booking websites. From baggage prices to tracking flight timings, Kayak Mobile does everything for you.

5. Google Translate: Last but not the least, when you’re on the go, it’s likely to come around names, places and languages you don’t understand. Lack of local language knowledge can trouble you in more than one way. With Google translate, you can translate various words and sign boards to your language. Translating and speaking a foreign language has never been this easy. With 64 different languages, this is indeed a priceless addition.

These are 5 cool travel apps that can pull you out of various situations. Unquestionably, they are as essential as carrying your visa and passport is. With these apps in your pocket you can ditch your travel guides and other stone-age stuffs.