Best Destinations for Last Minute Breaks

Planning and taking a holiday can be stressful enough, but planning a last minute holiday can be even worse. While it’s true that some people plan best under pressure, it’s still difficult to get everything organized for a holiday, no matter how much planning time you have. If you find yourself planning a last minute trip and aren’t sure where to go, do not fear – There are plenty of ideal places for last minute travelers with an array of tourist attractions and sights to see so you aren’t left with nothing to do when you want to escape from the beach for the day.

Year after year, Spain remains one of the most popular travel destinations especially for UK holidaymakers looking for a week or two in the sun. It’s fun for everyone, and easy on the wallet. The sandy beaches offer entertainment for everyone, and aside from the beaches there plenty of unparalleled attractions and adventures. La Concha is said to be one of the best beaches in all of Europe. There you can enjoy the views and the many restaurants and shops along the promenade. Cuenca is a medieval city that the whole family will enjoy. The historical village is built on the steep sides of a mountain, with houses built right along the edge.

London also offers a lot of great nearby activities for last minute travelers. London is an invigorating, exciting town. English writer Samuel Johnson once said “You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London.” And he was right. Whether you live there or are just planning a trip, you’ll never want to leave. Aside from the rain, London is bright and booming. The historic Tower of London and the Tate Modern are both must-sees. Come nighttime, the pubs come alive and the city is full of drinks and dancing. London has long been the leader in everything from music to fashion. That, coupled with its historical sights, abundance of activities, and beautiful views, makes London one of the hottest places in the world to travel to.

For somewhere a little farther, Aruba is a great place to quickly get away and have some fun in the sun. The sandy white beaches offer everything from a nice, natural tan, to fun watersports like surfing and snorkeling. It’s great for couples and families. It can be romantic or fun-filled with active adventures.

One of the biggest problems with a last minute trip is the lack of planning you get to make and for this reason you may find you end up somewhere you hadn’t previously researched. This of course can be considered to be part of the fun, exploring the area or simply just relaxing on the beach without any preplanning can often be the ticket to getting the relaxing holiday you have been wanting! There are countless last minute deals for city breaks, ski breaks, and long all-inclusive holidays available at Holiday Hypermarket. These holidays typically depart in the next 2 months and is a great way to pick up a bargain holiday.

Photo Credit: A Roger Davies