Bin the Beach: Embrace Adventure

Booking a holiday abroad is, for many of us, something that happens year in, year out. As much fun as lying on a beach and drinking cocktails is, there is so much more out there to be explored. While beaches do indeed have a certain appeal there are many other destinations closer to home that can be more adventurous and engaging.

Rock climbing has long been a popular adventure sport on a global scale, but you need not travel far to experience it. There are many locations in the UK that are considered some of the best rock climbing spots in the world. Wales for example, has crags that are heralded by even the best climbers as some of the most challenging climbs they’ve experienced. If you’re looking for ideas for adventure weekends like this, take a look at the Visit Wales site where you can find accredited schools that have classes for beginners.

If you want a slightly slower-paced adventure Britain offers many walks and hikes that suit any skill-level and age. There are a number of clubs and organised tours all over the UK that cater to even the most novice of walkers and with a guide you’re more than likely to learn a little bit about Britain’s rich cultural and geographical history along the way. Walking in the UK will allow you to take in the fresh air in some of of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and don’t mind getting wet, you should have a go at kayaking. Again this activity is something that can be done all over the UK in rivers, canals and even on the sea. Sea kayaking is an adventure in and of itself – you can get the chance to explore Britain’s coastlines, duck into offshore caves and discover beaches that can’t be reached by foot. It’s also a great opportunity to observe some of the diverse marine life that resides on the UK’s coastlines – you might even spot a dolphin or two.

Cave exploration is one activity that not everyone considers to be something they’d normally do, however promises to be one of the most exciting listed here. Tackle the claustrophobia and embark on a journey into the depths of the earth. Many instruction schools will let you to rent the equipment rather than having to fork out the money to buy it, so don’t le that be an excuse to stop you from trying something new.

Maybe this year is the year you decide to bin the beach, but remember that all of these activities have the potential to be hazardous and should never be attempted without correct and professional supervision – be sure to seek such advice before attempting any of them.

Photo Credit: Jim, the Photographer