So, You Are Going to Study Abroad: Top Tips for Picking the Right Destination Country

Study Abroad

You’ve gotten the okay from your parents and you love the thought of studying someplace you’ve never been but you are unsure of how to choose a destination. Of course, any strange land is going to offer some level of excitement, yet you want to have fun, feel safe, and achieve good grades at the same time. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a destination.

Large or Small City

While it may seem a large number of miles away, a chosen destination can be quite small in regards to the size of buildings, the population of people, and the speed of life. Alternatively, you could find the ‘New York’ of other continents, setting your eyes on places like Japan or London. While there is much to enjoy in a big or little place, you should choose a setting that is best aligned with your temperament and level of comfort.

Foreign or Familiar

If a place is foreign, it doesn’t mean it is going to seem like a completely different planet. You can stay within your comfort zone and choose a place with cultures, weather, and language similar to your hometown. For example, many Americans enjoy going to England since the two places share a language and the social norms are quite similar. Read more about opportunities that await at a London summer school. Alternatively, going from America to a city in India is sure to introduce more challenge and culture shock.

Work and Play

It’s not healthy to work around the clock. A healthy and well-balanced life involves the opportunity to work, play, and study. Go to a destination that is aligned with some of your interests and hobbies. For example, a person who loves History may appreciate what Italy has to offer while a student who doubles as a surfer might want to head to Australia or Costa Rica.

Small or Large Group

Some students like the idea of traveling somewhere as part of a squad from the school. For example, Spain is a popular study destination. Students who travel there can either stick with the college crowd or get braver and try to embrace the Spanish culture by going off on their own. Conversely, you may want to go to a place where you can’t use familiarity and others from college as a crutch.

Support or Freedom

Some destinations may warrant greater ongoing contact or supervision. Are you a student that needs more guidance and structure or do you strive for being independent and figuring things out on your own? While you can’t completely be on your own, you should choose a program that offers a welcomed sense of freedom or support.

Quaint or Upscale

Would you rather live in posh or humble quarters while abroad? Of course, housing will be priced accordingly, yet some students may feel more comfortable and less homesick in surroundings that resemble what they are used to at home.