Explore Sunny California on a Shoestring Budget


Getting away isn’t always as easy as you’d like. As much as you might need a vacation, bills take priority. So, when you do manage to squeeze out a few bucks and set it aside, you want to make the experience one to remember. If California happens to be a dream travel destination of yours, then you’re in luck. The state has a vast majority of cities, sandy beaches, museums, amusement parks, shopping, restaurants, and more for you to explore – even if your budget is tight.

Location is Key

Instead of staying at the well-known cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, consider staying in a neighboring, but more affordable city. You’ll find that your money goes a lot further.

Stay at a Resort

When looking for hotel accommodations resorts are often a better deal than a typical hotel. Resorts come with more amenities which makes your trip a lot more affordable. Resorts in Carlsbad, CA, for instance, have things like tennis courts, golf courses, pools, jacuzzis, spas, and on-site restaurants which make it a great place to stay. Most patrons can indulge in these luxuries free of charge or for a very low fee.

Look for City Passes

If you’re interested in exploring multiple locations once you arrive at your California destination, then you should look for a City Passes. These are discounted admission tickets that will get you into tourist attractions like zoos, museums, and even popular amusement parks.

Travel With Someone

When you travel with a group you can stretch your travel budget even further. Sharing rooms and other accommodations along the way allows you to split the cost of the trip. There’s also the added advantage that groups tend to get discounts on admission tickets so, the more the merrier.

The Great Outdoors is Free

There are a lot of things you can do in California without having to pay a dime. For instance, visiting local parks or gardens. All you need is a light lunch and you can have a nice time relaxing at a nearby park, gazing over at the lake and taking in the sights without having to pay a cent. Many of the state’s parks have hiking trails, picnic areas, and a ton of outdoor activities for tourists and residents to participate in. If you frequent parks a lot, perhaps purchasing a National Park pass would be ideal.

Look for Free or Cheap Tours

Tours are another way to experience California without going over budget. You can check out the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles for just a few bucks, while the Disney Concert Hall can be toured for free. You should be sure to check museum websites as many of them have daytime tours that are affordable for tourists. Walking tours are also very popular in metropolitan areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can see the city as the locals do free of charge and learn about the history and culture of popular neighborhoods.

Research Community Events

Believe it or not, there’s always something going on in California that is budget-friendly. Many communities like to host cultural events like street fairs, music festivals, carnivals, and more. You can listen to music, watch live performances, and grab a bite to eat at a very low rate. It’s also a great way to learn about the many cultures that make up the west coast state.

A Day At the Beach

California is well-known for its warm weather and sandy beaches, so why not indulge? No matter what city you plan on traveling to, there are miles of coastlines that you can visit. From secluded private beaches to heavily populated, family-oriented beaches there is something for everyone to enjoy. Admission to beaches is dirt cheap and you can stay as long as you’d like. Have lunch, catch a tan, go for a swim, explore the boardwalks, or visit a beachside bar and grab a drink.

Having limited funds is no reason to avoid traveling. With a bit of research, chances are you can find something to do without having to cough up too much cash. If you’re thinking of heading to sunny California, you’ll find that there is no shortage of opportunities for you to have a great time. From affordable accommodations to free community fairs and a plethora of beaches and parks to choose from, you’re sure to have a blast.