Fly smart with your smartphone

Internet communications are growing at an exponential rate. Nowadays, you might wince at the notion of not having cellphone service, no matter where you are. As a frequent traveler, you expect to stay connected even when you’re in mid-flight.


Fortunately, picocells attached to planes allow you to enjoy the wealth of useful cellphone abilities you’ve come to expect from your Samsung Galaxy 5 on T-Mobile’s network. Thanks to these tiny mobile stations, you’ll have the same internet access you would at home. The only difference is that you’ll be thousands of feet in the air while planning the next step of your trip.

You may face charges for in-flight usage, but most people feel it’s worth the money to remain attached to the internet. Plus, there are several flight and travel apps that can enhance your trip. Many of them identify the best shopping and eating options at airport facilities. Such apps can provide you with detailed directions on how to depart from the plane to reach the desired locations. The software can even include specific local information such as the cost of parking and in-airport transportation options. As a savvy traveler, you can get a jump on your less informed peers by using these apps during the flight.

In order to use your phone while flying, however, you must understand the flight rules in play. Your flight attendant will discuss them at the start of the journey. What you need to know is whether the airplane carrier permits mobile service. Since most do, the next question is when you can turn on your smart device. The FAA allows you to do so only at certain points on the flight. Finally, you should investigate whether WiFi is available and whether it’s free. Read on for more information about mobile phones on flights.

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