Top 4 Things to do in Berlin

Berlin is Germany’s capital and principal city for it’s art and culture, the city has become notorious throughout the years fro it’s vibrant art scene and incredible nightlife. The city may be fun and laid back but the scars of it’s dark history throughout the 20th century are there for all to see. Divided into two parts during the Cold War and battered with bombs during the World Wars, Berlin has had to overcome a great deal to be where it is today and the city now, is one that I recommend you visit with haste. There are so many things to do in Berlin that it can be difficult to squeeze them all into one visit, to help you out here are the top 4 things to do in the German capital.

Brandenburg Gate


The Brandenburg Gate is a huge arch monument that was built in the 13th Century as a symbol of peace. Since the separation and consequent re-unification of Berlin, the iconic monument has taken on an even stronger mantle as a symbol for peace and solidarity. The Gate signifies the beginning of the road from Berlin to Brandenburg and is one of Germany’s most famous landmarks. The sheer size of the Gate is a sight to behold and following it’s renovation at the turn of the Century, the Gate has been restored to it’s former decorative glory.

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is a section of the Berlin Wall that still stands and has been dedicated to street art. The section of the wall that once divided this city stretches 1.3km and is filled with art pieces from some of the best street artists in the World. Many of the pieces are political or representations of peace and change and this open-air museum is certainly worth a visit.

Reichstag Building

The Reichstag building is an old imperial building where the German parliament was once based. What makes the building extra special is the modern glass dome that has been designed and placed on the roof of this grand building. You must buy tickets in advance to get access to the observatory and once up there you will be graced with arguably the best view in the city as you gaze over the Berlin skyline. The building itself is enjoyable to visit with it’s intricate architecture and blend of both modern and traditional building styles. The museum is packed with information about it, and Germany’s history and there is even a restaurant inside the observatory.

Museum Island

There is an island on Berlin’s River Spree that has essentially been dedicated to museums, the island contains no less than 5 museums within close proximity to each other. The 5 museums here are the Old Museum with historical artefacts, the New museum with modern history, The Old-national Gallery with some of the nations most notable artwork, The Bode museum with features ancient art pieces and the Pergamon museum which is dedicated to architecture. One location, 5 great museums, this is the perfect stop for museum lovers.