Great Reasons to Teach English in Japan

Whether you are a college graduate looking for a gap year or someone who is looking to try something new,exciting ,rewarding and different Teaching English as a Foreign Launguage (TEFL) may be just what your looking for! If you are native speaker of English than it truly has never been easier to gain the right qualifications that will enhance your job prospects in whatever country you have decided to venture into . The beautiful thing about the internet is that it has never been more accommodating or easier to gain the accreddited qualification as it can all be done remotely over the web with courses like TESOL distance learning.

TEFL can involve anything from teaching a bunch of toddlers their first pieces of English or being hired by a business firm to teach their employees the correct way to speak English when meeting clients from all over the world. The career is known for its diversity and rewarding nature and that’s before you even select what country you plan on travelling to! The great thing is by quaifying for TESOL you are actually in demand in large non native English speaking continents like South America and Asia.

Japan is one of the countries where there is a strong demand for TESOL teachers and can prove a very exciting and dynamic country for those considering it. Japan is known for its unique culture and way of life among other things and is sure to prove a life changing experience for anyone looking to try something a bit new. Here are some of the best things and advantages of TESOL in Japan.

Job Market and Good Pay!

The job market is massively in demand for TESOL teachers and if you have an accredited course there should be no problems getting a job in Japan. Pay can range from between 250,000 and 350,000 yen monthly. Some Japanese employers even provide accomadation and some basic living expenses which really allows one to save money. This has proven a great option for many as they seek to pay off some of the college loans they may have taken out or other debts that have risen over time. There is also health insurance offered at a discounted rate usually and often times there will be a bonus on completion of the contract (normaly and additional months salary). Contracts themselves can range from anywhere between 6 and 18 months. All these combine to make Japan quite a lucrative possibility for those seeking a change!


Forgetting about the financials benefits for a moment, there can be no price put on the rewarding experience or integrating and becoming a part of a different culture and seeing first hand all the qwirks and differences there is in the Japanese way of life. Japanese are rightly proud of the rich and varied culture and wherever you look you will find samples of their history from buildings to the art style. Japanese people are known for their politness and friendly nature and while there will be some cultural differences anyone who visits and lives in Japan will benefit greatly from the experience.


Mmmm… did someone mention food? Forget cheap take aways and experience first hand the delicious and unique way of cooking there is to be found in Japan. Those who taught English in Japan have often regarded the food to be amazing and encourage others to try as much delicies and dishes as possible. Whether it is Sushi, Ramen, Nori or Dunbiri there is sure to be something new and and scrumptious that you have not come accross before. The great thing is the menus in most resteraunts will have pictures beside all the meals so you will have some idea about what you are going to be eating. Japanese people are big on healthy eating also so alot of these meals are very nutrious and come with great health benefits. This makes cuisine one of Japans greatest features!

Travel and Tourist Attractions

TEFL isn’t all work and no play you know! Make sure to check out all of what Japan has to offer. Whether it is a Geisha show or a Onsen Spa or even one of the famous Kyoto shrines, there are many tourist attraction to be discovered in Japan and you will never be bored anyway. Your income will also be more than enough to allow you to afford to visit these and other great historical sites so you really are in for a treat should you choose Japan for your TEFL destination!

For those considering what country they want to TEFL in, Japan ranks right up there as one of the best and most lucrative countries to work in. The unique culture, polite people and great tourist attractions all combine to make this country a wonderful opportunity for those who decide to teach.