Holiday Essentials – Don’t Forget a Thing

Do you have all the Holiday Essentials you'll need on your trip?

No matter how many “sleeps” it is until your holiday, it is worth preparing well in advance to ensure you don’t forget any travelling essentials. To help you with your list of holiday essentials, we’ve provided a few of our own to get you started.


How annoying would it be to arrive at your holiday destination to discover that there aren’t any towels? To suggest ‘extremely’ would be an understatement. Even if the brochure or web page of your accommodation provider states towels are included, it is worth taking at least one just in case.

First Aid/Medical Kit

A first aid kit is essential wherever you are travelling and especially if you are holidaying abroad, as it can be difficult to attempt to purchase specific medical supplies if you aren’t familiar with the language of the country you are visiting. A basic medical kit should include pain killers, antiseptic wipes and cream, plasters, a bandage and wound dressings, safety pins, tweezers, and a small pair of scissors. Due to security restrictions forbidding sharp objects on flights, ensure you pack the kit in your checked in luggage.


Er…Shouldn’t the actual holiday be entertainment enough? Be realistic, there are times when you will want to just lie on a beach and relax with a book, or play the latest game on your mobile or tablet, so be prepared and load your device with the plenty of apps to keep you entertained. Online casino games, like those from Coral Interactive, are a great way to combine a little fun with the opportunity to win a little extra cash to spend during your holiday.


Unless you want to risk not being able to charge your mobile, tablet or laptop while you’re away, or want to face paying through the nose for new ones at the airport when you finally realise you have forgotten them, get them cheap locally and pack them.

Clothes you Will Actually Wear

Now is not the time to be experimenting with your style and if you pack a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally wear you could be left feeling very uncomfortable indeed. Pack weather appropriate clothing that you know you will love to wear.

Miniature Toiletries

If you are travelling light and don’t want to pack bulky bottles of perfume or moisturiser, plan in advance and collect freebie samples from magazines. Fashion mags often have little sachets of lotions and scents attached to advertisements, which instead of being used immediately can be collected and stored for later use. Granted, it may take a long time to collect enough for a week or so away, but if you are a frequent backpacker, a collection of these space-saving goodies can ensure you remain fragrant for the duration of your trip.

Passport and Tickets

Do we really need to remind you? It’s worth checking and double checking that you have all the necessary paperwork for the country you are visiting, including visas, passports and anything else that may be required.