The Holiday Phone Guide Review: Useful and Fun Apps Galore


If you’re a frequent traveller, it’s worth checking out The Holiday Phone Guide by BrightHouse. This useful resource offers you a comprehensive overview of all apps that can come in handy during your holidays, from fun and games to the downright practical, such as maps and live flight feeds. The guide is the result of over 2000 surveys and so you know that the apps that have been included have been found useful by actual travellers just like yourself.

The guide is simple and easy to use. You can either select the type of phone activity you want to get your app recommendations, or you can go by holiday type. For example, select “Camera” and you’ll get the following results, amongst others:

– Instagram: Extremely popular app that allows you to touch up photos to give them that vintage, hipster or arty look. It’s free to use as well. Turn off roaming and you can take photos without them being uploaded to your account. You can then wait for WiFi when you’re at your hotel.

– Camera +: Extremely cheap at just $1.99, this app will let you shoot photos like a professional at a fraction of the cost. Abundance of features, simple to use and you can sync it with social media.

These two results exemplify what you can expect from this useful guide. It gives you paid options that are affordable, but also a couple of 100% free ones as well (no catches at all). Most apps can also be synced with your social media or email accounts, ensuring that you can share with friends and family when you want to.

Brighthouse also gives you some great suggestions that will save you money. Don’t want to send expensive text messages? Stick to WhatsApp, costing you just a fraction of data. Otherwise, you can also use it while connected to WiFi, meaning it’s absolutely free.

If you get bored easily, the guide gives you a selection of popular games as well as music apps to choose from. You can even connect to your Netflix account from your phone, if your hotel television doesn’t quite give you what you’re looking for.

BrightHouse has additionally put together a few very useful apps that have practical uses. For example, if you tend to get lost easily then you have to select the “Navigation” section. The Holiday Phone Guide gives you a few mapping apps to choose from that should cover you no matter where you are.

You can also select the apps based on the type of holiday you are planning. Is it a city break or a backpacking trek across Asia? Are you more into activities or exotic and relaxing holidays? Select your holiday type and the guide will give you the apps that you need.

For example, if you want to go on an exotic holiday, the phone guide will churn out some fantastic resources for flight details, music, games and movies/TV. Basically, it’s everything you need when you’re trying to relax and unwind.

The great thing about this feature is that you don’t have to trawl through all of the available apps. You can simply tell the site exactly what you are doing and you’ll be served with what you need. No messing around!

Overall, the Holiday Phone Guide is a solid resource. We thought we had most apps covered as we’re experienced travellers, but we managed to add quite a few that we’d never even heard of! We definitely suggest you check it out, especially if you have a holiday coming up.