How to Plan an Epic Overseas Holiday

Do you know how to Plan an Epic Overseas Holiday? ... photo by CC user 26598370@N00 on Flickr

An overseas holiday is not something that happens all the time. In fact, for many, it rarely happens which is why it is important to properly plan it. Making an epic vacation is possible with the right planning.

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  1. Chase the Ticket- One of the biggest hindrances to an overseas vacation is transportation. Plane tickets are a big expense, but these can be more affordable if you know when to get them. If you have a set destination in mind, it will be good to look for a plane ticket during the low or off peak season. This is when there are fewer tourists or travellers. Many airlines offer lower prices during this time in order to make more sales. If you do not have a destination chosen yet, then look for places which have cheaper airfare rates and opt to go here.

  2. Consider Accommodations Carefully- Hotels always seem convenient but these may not be the most cost effective type of accommodation. If you are staying for more than just a few days it may be better to explore other options such as a bed and breakfast or a homestay. These often cost lower but may be just as comfortable. Some may even allow you to cook and do laundry which can be handy when staying on vacation for a long period. Just be sure to carefully check where you will be staying and to get references. Places with a website, proper contact information and those that are accredited are the best choices.

  3. Know your Destination- To make the most out of your holiday, take the time to do some research about the place that you will be visiting. Know about the places to visit and things to do. It will also be good to look into convenience stores, ATM’s and pharmacies nearby. Cheap overseas holidays are made possible if you know where to go and what to do. A proper itinerary will save you both time and transportation expenses, as well as keep things facilitated while you travel.

  4. Look Into Transportation- It is always important to know the primary means of transportation that your holiday destination has. This way you can make proper arrangements. If you plan on driving, check which car rental companies are available and what their policies are. You may need to acquire an international driver’s license beforehand. If trains and coaches are the primary mode of transportation, know which cards to buy for your stay so you do not pay per ride. Also, do not forget to take a look at a map of the place so you have an idea of where places are.

  5. Opt for Overseas Holiday Packages- If you do not feel confident about planning your own holiday or doing things yourself, opt to get a holiday package. Things like these often include tickets, accommodations, some meals and tours. The most coordinating that you will need to do will be with your travel agent if you choose this.