Travel Apps and Gadgets: Keep Connected to the Internet and to Your Loved Ones, Too


It’s a welcomed break to go on vacation but it’s not that simple. Most people have families to worry about, jobs to maintain, and side hustles or duties to address. Therefore, when you’re away, it’s better to stay connected, and technology offers a number of apps and tools to help. Here’s how to stay connected to the Internet, loved ones, and duties.


Who says that you shouldn’t be able to save money when traveling? Hopper provides the intelligence to grab flights when prices are cheapest. If you’re brave, you may try and wait to book your return flight while on vacation to see if you can get a cheaper price versus initially buying round trip tickets.

The Infatuation

We’re always impressed by those who know the posh restaurants or hidden gems off the beaten path. Now, you can have the insight of foodies and locations of the best eateries within the US as well as some locales worldwide. Become an instant food guru with the information supplied by the Infatuation app.

Wireless Earbuds

Don’t get tangled up in earphone wires while doing work, watching a movie, or listening to music. The high-quality earbuds are hardly noticeable yet deliver supreme sound. Wireless earbuds are a bit pricey at the moment yet some expenses are well worth it to those who travel often.


It happens more often – excited travelers hurriedly look for outlets within airport terminals to no avail. You don’t have to be amongst the numbers with the Mophie portable charger. You can charge two devices at once, and it can quickly charge your phone and keep contact with loved ones when you’re in a pinch.


Turo is revolutionizing the car rental market, allowing private owners to hook up with those seeking rental services. Rent your dream car from a willing owner or find something sensible during vacation. It’s still too early to get a good read on the business model, yet there is a good chance you can land a better deal and car than what’s available at rental agencies.

Call Recorder

It’s great to have ‘bars’ at the airport and foreign lands yet what happens when you’re on the phone but you don’t have access to a computer or pen and paper? Rather than depend on your short term memory, ensure that you get all the facts and information from loved ones’ phone calls with the call recorder app for Android.


Some travelers love the convenience of this service that sends your clothes to your destination. After your trip, the attire is washed and stored until your next trip. Of course, different rates apply and there could be restrictions. Read more at the Dufl site.


Things happen when on a trip or vacation. In worst cases, you are stuck without a car or a place to stay. Overnight can help you land a place to stay when you’re in a tight spot. It’s possible to find a private room or entire home in minutes through the app.