How to manage a property from abroad

Many of us fall prey to the travel bug when we are young. The chance to explore new places and to meet people from all corners of the world is simply addictive. For some people, the bug slowly leaves with age, but for others it only matures.

The dream for anyone who loves to go abroad is the chance to purchase property overseas. As well as providing a permanent bolt-hole in the location of your dreams, purchasing a property abroad can also provide opportunity for income.

Taking on a second property comes with responsibilities.

Find tradesmen you can trust

Whether your property is new or old, there is always work to be done. Whether you’re having ongoing renovations take place while you’re out of the country, or are just looking to keep your tenants happy, it is wise to have somebody on call.

The key to keeping your property in good shape lies in finding trustworthy tradesmen like those at Service Magic for repairs and renovations. With the work left in the hands of someone you trust, you can make the most of your new place in the sun.

Look for longer lets

While holiday lets can seem the more lucrative option, it’s important to remember that they require a far greater amount of work on behalf of the landlord. With regular changes of tenant and the responsibility of keeping the place neat and tidy, the financial benefits to renting your home out can soon dwindle.

Longer lets reduce the responsibility of the landlord, instead handing duties over to the tenant. This will reduce the cost of having somebody at home carry out work for you, and is likely to give the tenants a greater incentive to look after your property.

Provide contact information

It can be tempting for landlords to cut ties with property at home, especially when they’re seeking relaxation abroad. However, this can easily create more problems than it solves, even if there are trustworthy managers back at home.

In the event of an emergency, it is always better for tenants to speak directly to a landlord. While you won’t want to receive a long distance phone call every time a fuse needs changing, you will surely appreciate consultation on larger matters which could ultimately affect the value of your home.