Essential Apps for Travelling

The developments in technology in recent years are amazing. We have so many new ways of keeping in touch, keeping us on track, and keeping us amused that it is hard to remember a world before computers, a world before smart phones, a world before apps. Travel is one of those parts of our lives that has really been transformed by technology – and generally for the better. In this article we take a look at some of our favourite apps to have at our fingertips when we are travelling.


There used to be a time when you were planning a holiday or an expedition you had to buy the latest guide book and lug it around with you. Those days are gone. Now there are a multitude of apps that give you all the local information that you need and ensure that it is always updated. When I started my travel adventures, many years ago, I never left home with a Lonely Planet guide book. These days Im sticking with my brand loyalty but I dont carry books around any more – I am always equipped with the Lonely Planet app. There is nothing more satisfying than rocking up into a new city and being able to impress your friends with being able to find the top five cafes, the nearest bar, or navigating your way to a hard to find museum. This is why I love technology.


One of the inevitabilities of travelling is that sometimes things dont go to plan. Your flight will be cancelled, your train will be delayed or there will be some reason why you find yourself sitting around killing time. Its at moments like these that I opt for mindless games. Theres lots of different apps that give you great gaming options. At the moment Im obsessed with online casino slots – the perfect way to kill a couple of hours in an airport.


Keeping fit when you are travelling is always a real challenge. This isnt such an issue when you are away on holidays, but when you are travelling frequently with work you quickly fall out of your normal fitness routines and your body and your health starts to pay the price. There are a huge range of apps out there designed to make keeping fit easy and fun. Our favourite is the Speedo Fit swimming fitness app. There are a couple of reasons to love this app – one of the best features is that wherever you are in the world it can tell you where your nearest swimming pool is, and it can tell you the opening times and other important information. It also enables you to track the distances that you swim – you can set yourself virtual challenges that help keep you motivated and focused. If you are not into swimming then something very similar is GymJam – using geo-location to help you find your nearest gym and all the information you need.

Wherever you are travelling, whatever you are doing, there is bound to be an app that can help make your journey just a little bit easier.