Why Maui is Still the Perfect Paradise Destination

In the recent decades, thanks to the fall in cost of global travel and the growing increase of a DIY-attitude, the number of people attracted to experiencing true paradise on holiday has diminished in light of cheap and cheerful backpacking and solo travel jaunts. Shame, as destinations like Maui, are increasingly being missed by travellers stepping out into the big wide world for the first time.

In terms of being the perfect paradise destination? Hawaii’s Maui is definitely up there. It’s luxurious, it’s tropical, it has reams and reams of things to do. From hiring your own private beachfront Maui vacation rental and having the most relaxing holiday of your life, to stuffing it full of adrenalin-pumping activities like scuba diving and bungee jumping, Maui seemingly has it all.

The following points go a little further to explain why else Hawaii’s second-largest island is a wonder waiting to be discovered.


Standing 10,000 metres plus above sea level, the dormant volcano of Haleakala is one of the premier sights to see and experience in Maui. Climb to the summit for some of the best views on earth over ancient volcanic terrain, vibrant rainforests and the many surrounding trails just waiting to be explored. The national park here offers visitors myriad activities, including guided tours, camping and sunset and sunrise entrances.

Ho’Okipa Beach

One of Hawaii’s best-known and best-loved beached, Ho’Okipa might be hard to pronounce correctly but it’s certainly not difficult to see or enjoy. One of the island’s most important headquarters for surfing and windsurfing, its at Ho’Okipa most visitors are want to get their feet wet. Others might want to explore the busy reefs full of amazing species of sea-life with either snorkel or scuba gear too. Look at especially for Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles.

Ohe’O Gulch Pools

Sometimes better known as the Seven Sacred Pools, the Ohe’O Gulch Pools are a definite sight to behold that help to firmly establish Maui’s reputation as paradise on earth. Home to a series of natural pools and waterfalls, you’ll get a full view of the Pacific Ocean here and the stunning topography that makes up the Hawaiian islands. Access to the lower pools is somewhat easier for the casual traveller who doesn’t fancy ambling up higher to reach the further bounty residing in this breathtakingly beautiful part of Maui.

Lahaina’s Banyan Tree

At over 137 years old, Lahaina’s Banyan Tree takes up over an acre of space in downtown Lahaina and is testament to the sheer power of nature amid modern urbanity. Planted by Sheriff William Owen Smith in 1873 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Protestant missionaries arrival to the island, the 16 trunks of the banyan tree continue to thrive in the mid 2010’s and beyond.

Hawaii Nature Centre

Last but not least, another example of the depth of charm Maui offers is that of the Hawaii Nature Centre, a place of cultural and historical teaching established in the early 80’s. A non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of Maui’s ecosystem, the centre itself is located in the lush forest and runs many programs throughout the year designed to raise awareness for the paradise island of Maui and Hawaii more broadly.