How to See Europe In Style in 2014

With another year passing and a lot of hard work gone into making it one of the best ones yet in terms of life and work, we’re already looking forward with full force to 2014 and a whole new year of travel. 

Europe proved to be one of the world’s most popular continents in terms of world travel in 2013 with millions paying visits to countries as diverse as Norway, Portugal, Turkey, Slovakia, Croatia and beyond. And the hordes still keep coming throughout the christmas period, visiting some of the most culturally diverse and historically steeped cities the world has to offer. While the cold stretch comes in for the next few months though, why not take a few weeks out of travel to plan the next great trip?

Wondering how to do Europe in style in 2014? Here’s GoingAboard’s top 4 tips.

Holiday Rentals

Holiday rentals are definitely going to be the in thing next year, just as the burgeoning apartment and home rentals market has been proving over the past couple of seasons.

With most of Europe’s economies coming out of recession too, people are now starting to make plans for extra special trips this coming year with holiday homes, and self-catering, proving a surefire way to ensure a great yet cost-effective stay. provide holiday rentals across Europe while many other specialist websites deal with destinations a little further far flung. Start investigating now to catch the best deals and the better pick of the destinations.

Hot New Destinations

With the EU set to expand in January, Europe is growing larger and more affordable for holidaymakers the continent over once again. Eastern Europe has been growing popular each year but 2014 looks let to see it take off even further. What with the inclusion of Romania and Bulgaria in new laws – and commerce and tourism booming in each country – East Europe is looking even more an attractive proposition this coming year.

Keeping an eye out on emerging destinations and resorts is one way to catch the tend of holidaying trends in 2014. Cheap deals abound and with new destinations booming you might be able to snag better deals on older, more renowned, destinations too. Check all the regular holiday sites for deals and don’t remember to check for dropped last minute prices either.


The days of the package holiday are numbered, flashpacking continues to grow. Travelling in small groups with curated itineraries, flashpacking, is certainly going to be in vogue again as travellers look for something a little different to the old format used to see the sights in Europe.

Organised by small tour operators, flashpacking opportunities are all the rage on the web at the moment with the spring and summer months peaking high. With tours and routes through Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and most of Continental Europe, most flashpackers are even able to take in a whole bunch of countries on one trip – all while handling someone else the responsibility of logistics. Not a bad way to see Europe at all!

Europe is going to be bustling again next year, make no mistake about that. However you decide to travel, wherever you wish to head, bear in mind some of these tips and try and make next years trip all that bit different.