The World’s Best Wine Destinations

If you’re passionate about good, high-quality wine, then you are certainly interested in visiting some of the countries that produce and distribute wine all across the world. Having said that, here you’ll find five of the best countries popular worldwide for their wine production. How about making your next trip to one of these?


France is known as one of the world’s top producers of cheese and wine – as a matter of fact, this country was recognized as the world’s largest wine producing country back in 2009. Some of the best regions are Burgundy, Bordeaux or Provence. If you are a fan of Chardonnay wine, then you should know that France is renowned for producing it at a large scale!


When it comes to wine culture, it must be mentioned that Spain has a history that dates back to the year 1000 BC. It was then when people first started to cultivate grapes and produce large amounts of wine. Few people know that most red wines come from the Spanish region Rioja – here, people have started to produce high-quality wine more than two centuries ago. There are numerous family-owned wineries in Spain, and they are all worth visiting.


Who hasn’t heard of the well-known Chianti wine, produced in Tuscany? Tuscany is actually one of the top wine producing regions in the world, with over 10,000 acres of vineyard. In addition to the castles and beautiful surroundings found here, tourists can also enjoy a wide variety of red wines produced from carefully selected grapes. What makes Chianti wine so popular is not just its taste, but also the fact that it is produced manually without the use of any electronic equipment. As a matter of fact, if you think about visiting the Chianti region, you can even be part of the process and stomp the freshly harvested grapes with your legs!


Germany is not popular only for its high-quality beer and the well-known Oktoberfest, but also for the quality wines that are produced in various regions across the country. Taking the Baden region as an example, this is by far one of the most blossoming regions in Europe when it comes to wine and vineyards, and it produces low-acidity wines (Pinot Noir is the most notable wine type produced in Baden).


Last but certainly not least on the list of wine producing countries, America produces no less than 20 millions of hecto liters of wine on a yearly basis. The US is not only a key producer, but also one of the main wine consumers in the world. One of the most famous regions of the country, Napa Valley, in the heart of California Wine Country, has even become a tourist attraction in itself with visitors queuing up to book Napa Valley vacation rentals. As you may already know, people have been producing wine in the United States since the beginning of the 17th century, and even though all 50 states are wine producers, four of them are known as the most important suppliers: California, Oregon, Washington and New York.

Renowned for their wineries and high-quality products, the wine tradition of these countries dates back centuries. The process of grape harvesting and stomping? Basically remained the same in many of these regions!