Time Off School: 5 Things to Do for Free in London

London is a great place to be in, especially if you are an English student. The city has a rich culture of literature and has been a host to great English authors over many years; from William Shakespeare to Charles Dickens to J.K. Rowling. While it is an expensive city to live in – students who’ve taken TEFL courses in London can attest to that – there are a lot of free activities that students can involve themselves in. Apart from taking the time off and having fun, you will also learn a few things from these activities. Here is a list of the top 5 things students can do for free in London:

1. Visit Museums

London has many major museums and almost all of them are free to visit. British Museum is one of the best museums in the world and is open from 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. You can learn a lot about the history and culture of London in the Museum of London. Geffrye Museum and Horniman Museum are other excellent museums to visit. Victoria and Albert Museum has over 3,000 years of art and design on display; it is worth giving a visit to this museum to learn about the cultural heritage of London.

2. Visit Art Galleries

Language is one of the most used expressions in arts, and there’s no better way to learn about the influence of arts on culture than visiting an art gallery. Tate Britain and Tate Modern houses have some of the finest paintings in the world. The galleries house masterpieces from world-class painters such as William Blake and Picasso. National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery are also worth a visit, especially if you’re staying nearby Trafalgar Square. The Wallace Collection and Chisenhale Gallery are great places to visit if you are a fan of contemporary art. Most of the art galleries are free to visit and usually stay open till late in the night.

3. Visit Piccadilly Circus

It is one of the most popular squares in London, where people of all types come to hang out. You can meet different types of people here. From students to businessmen to street art performers, Piccadilly Circus attracts them all. You can learn a lot about London and the Englishmen by just observing and interacting with the general visitors. The statue of Eros is also a great sight to behold.

4. Tour the Tower of London

The Ceremony of Keys is a great tradition at this place and has been happening every night for over 700 years; it starts at 9:30 PM every night and you have to leave by 10:05 PM. Yeoman Warders wearing “Beefeater” costume also give a free one-hour long tour of some of the oldest parts of the Tower of London. It is a great site to visit, especially with friends. If you write via a snail mail to The Tower of London office, then you
can get the tickets for free; take note you should book the tickets at least two months in advance.

5. Street Art and Performers

You will find street artists and performers all over London. Most of the performers can be found usually on the weekends, particularly along the South Bank road near National Theatre. Covent Garden Market has many street artists performing every afternoon, and there’s also a marketplace set up there every weekend. The acts are really good and are only allowed after passing through an audition. You can learn a lot about the language and culture by watching the artists perform.

London offers a lot of things for the students to do for free. You have to find the time and be willing enough to experience the activities on offer. There are also many other places you can visit for free such as the Westminster Abbey, Old Bailey, Big Ben, and numerous London parks and gardens. Taking time off your busy school life can be real fun in London.