An Affordable, Spontaneous Adventure Awaits You!

Have you got a few hundred pounds or dollars (sometimes just a scant few) burning a hole in your pocket and a few vacation days to use up? Here’s a chance to flex your spontaneity muscles, do something out of the ordinary, and for lots more of you out there than are willing to admit it, check something off your (hidden) list of secret fantasies.

That’s right, we’re talking about…taking a cruise!

Wait, don’t leave the page just yet. If you’ve never considered this time-tested vacation option, or even been known to scoff at it, it’s about time to reconsider. Cruises can be extremely enjoyable, generally offering so many activities you won’t be able to tackle them all unless you’re on board for more than a few days: games and sports of all kinds, constant entertainment, dancing, crafting-heaven, all-you-can-eat meals, floating in a pool while floating on the ocean, blow-your-budget casinos, and much, much more.

And the jewel of cruising’s many highlights: gazing out at the open ocean, no land in sight. Anyone with a spark of adventure spirit’s got this one on their travel mind somewhere. And even if your low-cost pickings take you somewhere you’ve been before, approaching the place by sea can offer a whole new perspective. You can also shout “Land Ho!” as many times as amuses you.

Here’s where the spontaneity part comes in. If you’re flexible and looking to book a trip now, last-minute cruise deals can be downright cheap, starting as low as £160 ($250), plus around that much for port fees, taxes, and tipping. And if you’re in the military, or a teacher, fire-fighter, or police officer, you can sometimes get even bigger discounts as thanks for your service.

Taking a cruise vacation with a friend, more-than-friend, or fun-loving group can be especially enjoyable. Share off-beat activities, dance for hours, laugh at lounge singers, take crazy pictures all over the ship, smile at your cabin mate when you wake up in the morning after sleeping in as long as you like – a trip like this can create quite a bond.

So pack your bags, set your sights on a destination, be it the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or even Scandinavia and be ready to jump on one of the many last-minute cruise deals you’re sure to find.

Image by ART LEWIS used under creative commons licence