Learning in Lanzarote: Top Educational Sites to Visit

Despite its small size, Lanzarote is packed with unique tourist attractions. Although it has the usual watersports and beach activities, this Balearic Island has so much more to offer. Away from the beautiful sandy stretches and hotel resorts are a number of educational sites. If you want a holiday that offers a balance of hot summer fun and culture, Lanzarote is the ideal destination.

One of the most iconic sights on the island is the lunar landscape, caused by the mix of the volcanic lava and Mediterranean Sea. Some of the attractions, including the Centre for Art, Culture and Tourism, were created by local artist, César Manrique, who used the island’s landscape as inspiration for a lot of his work.

If you’re thinking about Lanzarote holidays for this summer and want to experience its heritage and culture, visit some of these top educational sites:

Timanfaya National Park

The Montañas Del Fuego were formed in the mid-18th century, when hundreds of volcanoes destroyed around a quarter of Lanzarote’s surface area. Due to a lack of rainfall, this part of the island looks very similar to when the volcanoes originally erupted and has since been declared a national park. Just a couple of metres below ground, temperatures can reach up to 600°C – this is often shown by throwing dry plants or water into holes in the ground.

The César Manrique Foundation

While abroad, you will find the former home of this famous local artist on the island. It is one of the most spectacular sites in Lanzarote and never fails to impress visitors. The studio, which was Manrique’s first major project, was built in the late 1960s over the trail left from a volcanic eruption. The use of the natural lava bubbles represents Manrique’s artistic ideals, as he was passionate about using the island’s landscape as art. The studio also hosts a number of works from other artists, including Picasso and Lasso.

Museum of International and Contemporary Art

The MIAC was founded in 1975 with the intention of bringing together one of the world’s best and most important collections of modern art. The museum can be found inside San Jose Castle in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote. There are two exhibition halls, the Lasso Hall, which is dedicated to the work of another local artist, Pancho Lasso, and the Canarian Artists Hall, which has a number of temporary exhibits.

Photo Credit: luc.viatour