Best tips for a successful car sale before going abroad

By following our tips for a successful car sale, you'll offload your car before you know it ... photo by CC user Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr

Best Tips for a Successful Car Sale

Do you want to get the most value out of your car when you sell it? Are you new to the whole car-selling scene? The process of selling your car can rather be a daunting task, between seeing who’s actually interested and who’s not, you can waste a great amount of time. On the other side of the coin, if you decided to go and sell your car through a dealer, be ready to lose some good amount of your car price; dealers are the masters of degrading your car value. However, if you decided to ditch those traditional ways and go and sell through car classifieds such as Opensooq website, that would be a great time saver and an effortless experience that can easily showcase your car on thousands of potential buyers.

Over the last few years, classifieds websites are on the rise and gaining great popularity over the traditional means of selling or buying a car. People are flocking to these websites to check a cars for sale, a service, or almost anything. To make sure your ad gets as much traffic as possible, you have to make sure to follow some tips that will quicken the process of selling a car.

Create Good Adverting

Instead of going to a dealer, or posting the “For Sale” sign, give online portals a go. Websites like Opensooq allow users to showcase your car ad for thousands of online potential buyers. When you have a detailed description and clear pictures that explains and shows every single thing about the car, buyers get more interested in what you’re selling. Some of the most important factors for a decent online ad is includes: a short description, condition of the car, asking price and whether or not its negotiable, and any other information that can help sell your car.

Paper Work

When you decide you want to kiss this car good-bye, you must make sure you have all the documents available before you offer it for sale. Car certificate, car inspection, car maintenance, and any other legal documents would go a long run. People are more likely to view a car that is legally okay rather than going through the trouble of working out new papers or going through the hassle.

Reasonable Price

We all wish to gain as much value as possible from selling a car; to do that, one must set a decent and reasonable starting price. Unreasonable price is the number one monster that can put off buyers. Conversely, asking for a low price gives an impression that the vehicle has some major issues. Therefore, as the owner, it is advisable to check what your car’s market value, and then set the appropriate pricing for it.

Shake Hands

If you followed these tips, chances are that you’ll find a buyer in no time. The phone will start ringing from many interested buyers, and one of them will get hooked. After you show them the car, allow him to test drive it, and negotiate in good terms. It’s time to hand him the car keys and it’s time for him to hand you the money after you’ve done all the legal paper. All done without the minimum amount of stress or time put into the process.