Top Five Underrated Mediterranean Destinations

It is certainly no secret that the Mediterranean is home to some of the world’s most spectacular holiday destinations. Whether you’re after a lazy beach break or a tour of the continent’s ancient history, the region can satisfy your needs.

While the brilliance of the region is common knowledge, there remain a number of destinations that are underrated. Here, we take a look at five excellent spots which don’t get the credit they deserve.

1. Bodrum Palmiye, Turkey

For some time, Turkey has sat behind the likes of France and Spain when it comes to European holiday destinations but things are rapidly changing. After seeing this resort at Bodrum, it’s easy to see why. It houses a blend of history and natural beauty which explains is brilliance as a destination.

2. Gregolimano, Greece

The beauty of the Greek islands may be well known, and many of the islands might be tourist hot spots already, but this resort on the island of Euboea is little known. It has everything you’d expect from a Greek island in terms of natural beauty and access to the finest Greek cuisine. In addition, the island has great links with Athens – a city that surpasses any other in Europe when it comes to culture.

3. Otranto, Italy

Italy has a wealth of spectacular beaches, but the foreign tourism trade is relatively confined to just a few areas surrounding Rome and Naples. Travel a little further south and you can visit some of the continent’s finest resorts without the crowds.

Otranto is one of the most beautiful parts of Italy, located near the city of Lecce. The resort here is perfect for those interested in water sports and is also located perfectly for those keen to sample Italy’s cuisine.

4. Pompadour, France

Though not situated on the coast itself, Pompadour is a hive for European and Mediterranean culture. It is ideal for those considering Club Med Family Holidays, due to the number of activities on offer in the area. Everything from tennis to horse riding is taken care of and all in the beautiful setting of the Correze countryside.

5. Da Balaia, Portugal

While Portugal itself is a well established holiday destination but the golfing resort of Da Balaia is lesser known. This Portuguese destination is great for families with a wide range of activities, a great pool and plenty of live music on offer, creating a holiday vibe during the evening.

Photo Credit: Sam Howzit